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Why do we get fat in marriage and how to avoid it

People who are married or in a relationship tend to gain weight. This is the conclusion of Australian scientists from the University of Queensland. Researchers monitored 6,458 women who were married or in stable relationships for 10 years and found that they averaged 5.7 kg per person during 1 year of family life.

We are in AdMe.ru decided to figure out why this is happening, and tried to find ways to reverse this trend.

Reason # 1: You have no incentive to keep yourself in shape.

When you meet with your beloved for a long time and are satisfied with each other, you no longer see the point of “plowing” in the gym. After all, everything seems to be fine: you are happy and satisfied, and besides, you are incredibly tired at work and at home. It seems to you that you spend a lot of calories during ironing and laundry. What kind of fitness or pool, and why? However, psychotherapists remind that the feeling of the inviolability of happiness is erroneous.

  • What to do? Remember that for household chores you do not lose weight, because this way you burn a very small amount of energy. Better get a family membership card for those kinds of sports that will bring you pleasure: this will keep you healthy. And you and your spouse will have a general passion, and this brings together.

Reason number 2: You began to cook more

The desire of the spouse to please his beloved and to prepare something tasty and unusual for him is quite understandable. Some ladies almost daily prepare the “first, second and compote” – and are rapidly getting fat. The thing is that while cooking you have to try high-calorie meals every now and then. In addition, it is great whets the appetite.

  • What to do? Try to reduce such “samples” to a minimum, but rather offer to try dishes to her husband, if there is such an opportunity (because you, for the most part, try for him). Do not let your whetted appetite take over you and impose on you additional half of the freshly prepared snack.

Reason number 3: You cook with your husband

It may seem strange, but cooking together can also have a negative effect on your body shape. Sociologists from the organization OnePoll called this lesson one of the main factors (34%), leading to the appearance of excess weight in people who are in a relationship. The fact is that people who love each other tend to put more effort into organizing romantic evenings with a delicious dinner. Cooking and dinner itself are of particular importance, because this is the time when we can be together. And when we live alone, we may well skip dinner if we are tired, or do something light and easy to prepare.

  • What to do? Of course, you should not refuse to share a dinner, but you can organize a meal in a different way: prepare meals for him and for you with your partner. For yourself, for example, you can cook beautifully served vegetable salads: it is tasty, healthy and does not harm the figure.

Reason number 4: You take an example from a spouse

Men need more serious portions to satisfy their hunger than women. And the man needs more high-calorie and fatty foods. The spouse after a hard day at work chooses a tasty and satisfying meal, and it is often unhealthy and healthy. He refuses to have dinner alone, and in the late evening you are already sitting next to your lover and sharing a hearty meal with him.

But it’s not so bad. Scientists say that men chew food faster than women. Therefore, a married woman unconsciously adapts to the pace of her spouse and eventually eats more than necessary, because the body simply does not have time to give a signal about saturation.

  • What to do? Eat slowly and thoughtfully, chew each piece thoroughly. Take a small plate: so you eat less.

Reason # 5: You drink more alcohol.

Alcoholic drinks are high in calories and can affect metabolism. Proven fact: after marriage, women start to drink alcohol more often – not because the woman is unhappy in marriage, but because her husband’s habit of relaxing in this way affects her. And now a bottle of wine at dinner or a glass while watching a movie becomes a kind of tradition.

  • What to do? Excessive alcohol intake is not beneficial to either married women or single people, and it’s not just overweight. Therefore, it is worth considering whether it is so important to drink this glass of semi-dry tonight.

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