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Somewhere on Earth your double walks, and we will now prove it to you

“I got on the plane last, and someone was sitting in my place, so I had to ask him to move. He turned around – and I saw my face in front of me. The whole plane looked at us and laughed. ”

These are the memories of Neal Douglas, who on a completely ordinary day flew to Ireland for an ordinary wedding and suddenly found himself in such a non-trivial situation, having met his own double. Not only did the non-native twins accidentally take tickets to the adjacent chairs at high altitude, so fate brought them together at the hotel, and then at the bar (although, okay, at the bar – they already have it).

But just think that this can happen to absolutely anyone! You heard the legend about the fact that nature creates 8 identical people and spreads them around the world so that at least one of them will survive? And their meeting leads to a system failure and the inevitable death of one of them.

So, we are in AdMe.ru we don’t believe in such fairy tales, but now we’ll prove to you that theoretically you can actually have a counterpart.

Guy on the right is my husband @elrottencrotch. Guy on left is a STRANGER he met on a flight last night! pic.twitter.com/kwBFOOEoMc

1. Only 0.1% of the genome is responsible for the uniqueness.

The first argument is based on the fact that 99.9% of the genome is the same for all of humanity and only 0.1% is responsible for the uniqueness of each of us. And the genes that determine the specific appearance, and even less. So, despite countless combinations of DNA, the same sets of external data theoretically do not seem incredible. No wonder there are so many rumors about the twins of famous people.

Of course, complete coincidence even of this minimum percentage can happen only in one of billions of cases, as in the “endless monkey theorem”: if you give a monkey a typewriter, then theoretically there is a chance that it will accidentally write Shakespeare’s tragedy on the original.

Imagine: a monkey sits in front of the machine. The probability that it will correctly print the first letter of the Macbeth tragedy is 1 to 26 (you see, this is not bad). To write the second letter correctly is already 1 out of 676, and by the end of the fourth line (22 letters) this chance comes down to 1 out of 13 quintillons. Yes, thus, the chances of writing at least a chapter from Shakespeare in a monkey, let’s admit, are extremely small.

But in the end there is still!

Therefore, theoretically, among the 7 billion population, there can be one person whose DNA code could coincide with yours for at least some impressive amount of interest. For example, as in the most amazing story of Valery Panyushkin about bone marrow donors.

“If your bone marrow has got accustomed, they call you and ask if you want to get acquainted with the recipient. If you both agree, then you fly to the meeting.

Several years ago I was at such a meeting with my friend, Dr. Misha Maschan, and a group of Russian children, Misha’s patients who underwent an unrelated bone marrow transplantation. Our children were 5 or 6. They waited for donors, ate cakes and started to get bored.

Then the door opened and a young woman of about 30 entered. She had a very confused look. She did not know where to go. And we knew. At first sight.

“Lord! – whispered Dr. Misha. “It can’t be like that!” This thin blonde looked like one of our girls, just like an older sister looks like a younger one. It was impossible to make a mistake. At first glance, it was clear that the woman and the girl had the same DNA.

Misha went up to the blonde, asked the name of the girl the blonde was looking for, and, of course, the blonde was looking for the very girl we were thinking about. Misha introduced himself, said that he was the doctor who did the transplantation, led the woman through the hall to meet the girl. The blonde chirped something in English. And then I saw a girl, froze and whispered: “Mein Gott! Das bin doch ich als Kind! “I don’t know German, but I understood that she said:“ Lord, this is me as a child ”.

2. You may actually be distant (very distant) relatives

The second point: if you look at the question from the point of view of not only genetics, but also mathematics, then the twins can simply be your relatives. According to the calculations of the subjects of the Queen of Sciences, after about 8 generations, a person may have more than 250 relatives, and after 30 generations – more than 1 million. And logically, it is not surprising if you come across your sixty-cousin, in which, by a miraculous coincidence they will express the same genes of common ancestors as you have.

For example, in the design of this article we used the photo project of Francois Brunel called “I don’t look like”, which was found by dozens of Canadians who were separated in their childhood. Who knows, maybe they are just relatives.

It remains to be hoped that in the future, the faces of all 7 billion inhabitants of the planet will contribute to some kind of Internet base (such as such a site) – then it will be possible to talk about searching for their counterparts. In the meantime, such meetings can be considered just a miracle, if, of course, your twin does not play in some soulful Hungarian porn or does not shoot a trash art house on the phone (like this guy’s).

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