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How to learn to choose the sweet and ripe melon correctly

The rules for choosing a good watermelon partially apply to his yellow-skinned fellow. For example, it is definitely not worth buying melons from the highway or from vendors who store them on the ground in bad faith. However, this gourd culture has special signs by which one can judge the maturity of the fetus.

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Many people know that the booming sound made when slapping watermelon is a good sign. But with a melon everything is different: a good, ripe melon sounds dull, and not loud.

On elasticity

Ripe melon is elastic, slightly springy. But at both ends it can be slightly soft. But not too much: the key word here is “slightly.”

On the trail on the skin

Giving advice on the appearance of melons is difficult, because varieties vary greatly. The main thing – there should be no cracks, darkening and dents. And the peel of a ripe melon is pretty easy to scratch, so scratch it with a fingernail.

Even uncut ripe melon has a wonderful floral and sweet aroma. But the grass melon should not smell! Lack of smell is also not a very good sign.

By tail

Melon has a criterion of maturity, which fully coincides with the watermelon – this is a dried tail.

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