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How introverts use their strengths and achieve success in life

Introvert – a personality type, focused on himself. So people are comfortable alone, before making a decision, they need to think carefully and weigh everything. From the side it may seem that introverts do not need other people, but this is not so. Just unlike extroverts, they choose their social circle more carefully and recharge in silence. But if you have not yet decided to which type of personality you belong to, you can look here. And in our article we will tell you how to properly use your strengths.

He knows how difficult it is in the world of extroverts, and has collected for you the most effective ways to extract the most from your psycho type.

7. Warn in advance about the nature of your character.

In order to avoid misunderstandings at work and in life, psychologists recommend telling in advance that you can sometimes “hang on” or not keep up the conversation. And all this happens not because you do not want to communicate, but because of the specifics of your psycho-type. Honesty is our everything. And people will understand that you are not out of malice, and you will be much more comfortable because you have lost the need to wear a mask.

6. Tell the other person how much time you can spend.

Build your boundaries so that communication instead of fatigue brings joy. And if it seems to you that the interlocutor will never stop, then it is in your power to prevent this situation by clearly marking the time that you can devote to it. Moreover, this technique acts both at work and with friends and acquaintances. Also, this rule can be followed not only in conversation, but also when visiting an event. Give yourself a specific time that you will definitely attend (for example, 30 minutes at a party), and after it expires, correctly remove yourself. So you definitely protect yourself from burnout and fatigue.

5. Practice a responsible speech in advance.

HR specialists recommend introverters to prepare more thoroughly for interviews, perhaps even to rehearse their speech in front of a mirror, and more than once. Improvisations are given to them with difficulty, so the answers to all sorts of tricky questions are better thought out in advance, and keep an approximate plan in mind for how an important meeting will take place. This technique will help to overcome shyness and be prepared for any surprises.

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