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Foreigners shared a frank opinion about Russia, and it seems that stereotypes have come to an end

We are always interested in what others think of us, especially if these “others” are representatives of cultures, in many respects unlike us. With what mood do foreign tourists come to Russia and with what impressions are they leaving? Are we able to surprise them? And if so, in a good or in a bad way?

He studied a lot of guest reviews and talks about what foreigners liked and disliked for the first time discovering Mother Russia.

What do foreigners especially like in Russia?

  • In one of his videos, a young London blogger counts the number of myths about Russia that are very common abroad that he managed to dispel.

During their stay in Russia, none of the local ones tried to attack or deceive the authors of the blog, who openly demonstrated the attributes of English fans. Theo was especially enthusiastic about the completely free help of random Russians. In general, Theo summarizes, Russia is a beautiful country, and you definitely should not be afraid to drive into it.

  • Our homeland managed to conquer the heart of another Englishman: Justin Wally does not tire of posting laudatory tweets dedicated to Kazan. A tourist from Albion especially appreciated the local fast food and regrets that there is no such thing in the UK; enjoyed the views of the city and appreciated the quality of free trains. As a result, Justin was so imbued with the spirit of Kazan that he even asked subscribers how it was possible to find work in the field of tourism here. Well, dreams come true: he soon received a formal offer to become the ambassador of the tourism industry of Tatarstan, which Justin considered it an honor to accept.

  • In general, many foreigners have changed their perception, and especially about people. The Russians were far from being as closed and cold as they usually are. Guests from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Brazil note that local people like to take pictures, smile heartily and try to help, even if they do not speak English at all.
  • “Compared with Japan, the streets are not crowded: in the morning I walked through the center of the city, there were few people: the streets are wide, you can walk freely,” shared the opinion of Hades.

  • Many foreigners, even from such distant countries as Mexico or Uruguay, found our cuisine useful and tasty.
  • Guests noted the richness of night life and a large number of attractions in each city, so there was no reason to complain about boredom.
  • “Our favorite place here [in Moscow]? Bath! ”Laugh Canadian tourists.
  • A young Japanese woman, before coming to Russia, drew information about our country from films and videos on YouTube. “I expected to see the mafia, catch a stray bullet and become a witness to terrible accidents. In general, was ready for anything. In the end, nothing of the kind I saw there. I really liked Russia, the roads are the broadest! I would like to go there again. ”

And what leaves much to be desired?

  • Well, an eloquent answer to the question will be the faces of the French in the photo above, when they were asked about the quality of Russian roads. “I came here at the motorhome. Drove Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan. The roads are very bad! Many large pits. We had to drive like a real crazy Russian! ”- travelers laugh.
  • It is not enough public toilets, besides, to get into them, you have to stand in long lines.
  • Russians speak little English: it is almost impossible to find anyone who speaks this language in restaurants, bars or hotels. For example, the Mexicans, who themselves had to learn English for traveling, were disappointed that he was practically useless here.

  • Bad service. “In some restaurants, the waitresses did not want to serve us, because they were afraid to speak English. On the whole, service is a catastrophe: it takes a lot of time, and there is always something not on the menu, ”a group of Swedes is upset.
  • For most foreigners, Russian prices were quite acceptable and even low. “Only here your flights are very expensive,” lament Peruvians.
  • There have been cases of frankly dastardly desire to profit at the expense of foreign guests: thanks to this video, the story of a Peruvian family who ended up with suitcases in the middle of the street received wide publicity. The owner of the apartment booked suddenly refused to allow guests to check in and demanded a new, much higher fee for accommodation. Fortunately, the authors of the video helped unlucky tourists to solve the issue of residence. Alas, such situations were not isolated.

Accepting foreigners, listening to their praise and advice is definitely great, but we all know when the best part comes: this is the very moment when dear guests leave and you can finally relax and continue living your normal Russian life.

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