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Affectionate nickname, which your partner calls you, will tell all about his attitude to you

Around the world, loving people come up with each other nicknames. The main purpose of such romantic names in relationships is to turn the separate “I” and “you” into a single “we”. It seems that they arise by themselves. However, scientists are convinced that affectionate nicknames always have a hidden meaning and can tell a lot about relationships in a couple.

tried to figure out what delicate words and the names that lovers call each other really mean. And in which cases you can be calm for your union, and in which nicknames are a signal that not everything is in order in a relationship.

Seals, bunnies and other animals

“Kitty”, “bunny”, “fish”, “swallow” – all these nicknames come from childhood, from cartoons and children’s fairy tales about animals. A man, who is affectionately called a “little bear”, can personify that very teddy bear from childhood, once donated by parents and has become a “transitional object.” This term refers to an object that creates a child’s sense of psychological comfort in a stressful or unusual situation and relieves the tension from parting with the mother.

In adulthood, we also need someone, next to whom you feel calm, secure and confident. And such lovely nicknames help to unconsciously return to the atmosphere of early childhood. They symbolize the unconditional love that a mother has for her child, and we, in our adult present, for our partner.

The animals are big and the animals are small.

It also has a meaning, we call our partner a word denoting a strong and predatory animal or, on the contrary, harmless.

  • “My tiger” is that your companion plays a dominant role in relationships and is attractive in intimate terms. Well, you get the role of a kind of tamer.
  • “My kitty” and “kitty / kitty” are two different stories. A kitten is a creature that causes emotion and wants to take care of. And the appeal “kitty” is an indicator of sensual attraction to the partner.
  • “Chicken” – a reminder of the weakness and dependence of the partner.
  • “Hedgehog” is an indicator that a relationship with a lover or a lover is somehow traumatic and painful for you.

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