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30 paintings filled with fabulous warmth

This world is full of beautiful, good artists. Almost wizards creating naive tales and mystical worlds. There are so many that even we did not expect. Imagine living among us, walking on the street, these people who know how to create beauty. Bread buy. Going to the tram. Squinting sun.

In preparing this article, the most difficult AdMe.ru It was to dwell on several names. We asked the artists a question about happiness, creativity and dreams. And the answers can be admired as pictures, drawing on them wisdom and the sun.

Supplier of happiness number 1 – Evgenia Gapchinskaya

Evgenia Gapchinskaya has a classical art education. But at some point I realized that she had “no director in painting,” completely trusted herself and began to draw what she wanted. Now she is one of the most sought after artists. Eugene creates soft, kind works. In her worlds live incredibly sweet pupsiki.

Evgenia Gapchinskaya about happiness:

I am completely happy always. I don’t have any kind of frenzy or feeling that this is all about, and I’ll achieve all my dreams. I am happy that I have eyes, I melt from the sight of the sky, the smell of the earth, even from earthworms. I am happy a little bit to others. A little differently perceive this world. Whether as children, or vice versa, as if I had already lived a long life, already old, I understand the value of something else, more.

Natalia Derevyanko’s childhood dreams

Natalya Derevyanko is the creator of children’s dreams that bring kindness and peace of mind. Once her little fairy-tale heroes who lived in different pictures came together in a book for children. Now Natalia also writes fairy tales.

Natalia Derevyanko about creativity and dreams:

I draw since childhood. I often joke: “I just don’t know how to do anything else)))“. In fact, I illustrate children’s books, teach and draw fairy tales for adults under the motto “A piece of joy in your home.” I was lucky, my creativity is my work, my pleasure, my freedom.

Warm Tales by Victor Nizovtsev

Artist Victor Nizovtsev wrote his works in the technique of oil painting. Creates warm, beautiful tales. About childhood, about grandmothers and grandfathers, who are little wizards, about mermaids and dreams. The world of his paintings is the world through the eyes of a child, full of secrets and wonders.

“I hope that my paintings will give people a taste of their childhood and inspire them with their own stories — stories that may not be like mine. My paintings do not have strict rules – reality can be bent, and real characters can interact with imaginary ones. This is truly a world, everything is possible here, and everything is intriguing. ”

Good world Berekhtina Tatiana

Tatyana Berekhtina is an illustrator of children’s books, creates graphic works, samples of decorative and applied art. The artist found herself in a cartoon style. Often with her works cute, pretty angels and fairies look mischievously at the viewer. Tatiana is an art school teacher, and for more than 10 years she has been transmitting the kindness of creativity to her students.

Tatyana Berekhtin about creativity and dreams:

What is creativity and drawing for me? A way to live in harmony with yourself. This is how to breathe deeply. This is the whole range of emotions – from joy to sadness. And here’s another, when you hold in your hands a little book with your own illustrations, such excitement as on the first date. Very pleasant sensations. And if someone warmed my drawings – this is also happiness.

Lisa’s naughty joy Sukhno

Lisa Sukhno – children’s illustrator. Draws live and funny pictures for children’s magazines and books. Kind and bright, with the smell of childhood. She likes to fill them with details and vivid emotions. Naughty babes and funny animals inhabit her fairy worlds.

Lisa Sukhno about creativity and dreams:

Creativity is always a way to create your own worlds, so first of all it is a feeling of magic. It’s important for me that my worlds are filled with living and emotional characters to be almost physically audible all sorts of them mutterings and laughter, so that grass blades rustled and smelled, cups of cocoa rang, scurried ants, and yet without fail caramel and berries. Therefore, I pay special attention details. When you give your heart and soul to your work, creativity is also happiness, and a way to beautify the mood of others“.

Sunny childhood of Catherine Babok

Catherine Babok – an artist who glorifies childhood and the sun. Her bright drawings decorate cards and souvenirs, she illustrates books. Katya wants to speak with the audience in a language that will be understandable regardless of age, in the language of kindness.

Katya Babok about creativity and dreams:

"Drawing is the language I can most easily speak. Talk about that. what I think, how I see the world and. how I would like to see him. It is a language that everyone can understand, regardless of age or country.

Feeling the freedom of Nikolai Tyulin

Nikolay Tyulin – illustrator. Creates parallel worlds, adventure stories. Nikolai develops characters for the game industry and dreams of creating great fairy-tale cartoons. In many of his works, the wind is almost physically palpable.

“Sometimes an image of a character or a plot of a picture pops up involuntarily. Perhaps, under the accumulated impressions of the views of cartoons or something else like that. Looked cartoon Miyazaki, then, after some time looked cartoon Pixar. And after a while, after a long mix of these impressions, you have something new. The idea appeared – then you just work with it, develop it ”.

Light sadness Gali Zinko

Galya Zinko – illustrator of fairy tales. Her works are more likely for adult children. They are filled with deep love and bright sadness. They cause excitement and awe. Galya works in linocut technique, and then draws very small details on the computer.

Galya Zinko about creativity and dreams:

Well, if I have at least some reason to believe that I am an artist, then I have great doubts about “kindness”. I am generally afraid of good people, and even more of good artists. Drawing for me is salvation, including from good people.

Cozy magic of Catherine Razinkova

Ekaterina Razinkova is an illustrator working in a mixed technique. Basically – digital graphics. Bright, deep and about very close. Like a hug, like a warm friend. Her tales are for those who want to hide in the tenderness of a good giant. Or find a small defenseless miracle.

Catherine Razinkova about creativity and dreams:

2D illustrator – this is my profession, in general, the most important thing is that work was not work, but hobby, that’s what I have!

The real dream is only that which brings no practical benefit, in which there is no self-interest, no envy, no fear, no attempt to free oneself from it. You can tell a real dream to others without fear of being stolen without fear of being ridiculed. But most importantly, when people hear about a real dream, they themselves learn to dream..

Tender harmony Katya Maleev

Katya Maleev draws in a notebook with a pencil. Then he photographs and brings the drawing to completion in Photoshop. Ideas, according to Katy, are born by themselves. Her works are soft and slightly mystical. They are about love and friendship, about inner silence and harmony, about the fact that everyone has their own worlds, about peace and light sadness about the sea.

Katya Maleev about creativity and dreams:

Creativity is joy, happiness. The process of creating your version of the world. Inspiration surrounding her.

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