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25 men’s secrets about which girls do not know

Men and women never seem to truly understand each other. But this does not prevent us from even trying. To do this, sometimes just ask a question and get an answer. It’s simple, right?

With the help of users, Reddit will tell about what men are worried, happy, and angry.

  • Your chances of getting what you want from us increase endlessly if you tell us about it directly.
  • We don’t care how popular (or unpopular) you are with other women. So this should not affect your self-esteem in a relationship.
    @ Mongo0se

  • We feel like real ninjas when we take off our underwear, throw it up with our foot and catch it.
    @ Ur_Boi_SlippyD03
  • 5 years ago, the girl said that I have a very cool jacket. And 3 years ago, someone stole this very jacket. I still have not resigned myself, because for 5 years this compliment was the most pleasant thing I was told.
  • When we want to be alone, it does not mean that we do not want to be near you. We just want to be alone.

In adulthood, we do not expect that you will look like a supermodel, because we grew old together. Yes, sometimes we see you as you were 30 years ago, and all the wrinkles and imperfections disappear. And yes, there are times when we see all your wrinkles and imperfections. They are beautiful too.

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