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18 strange finds that will stump even those who have seen a lot

No matter how erudite you are, sooner or later you will still encounter the unknown. So the heroes of our collection, finding an unusual object, were stumped in search of an answer to their questions. And in any incomprehensible situation, the Internet hurries to help, of course. They know about strange creatures, and the laws of distant countries, and the beliefs of various peoples.

shares discoveries with you that seem surprising and strange to many people.

1. These coat hooks in the bathroom can be turned down. But why?

These are the so-called anti-suicidal hooks. Used in special institutions (for example, medical). Usually in the above-mentioned premises not only hooks are made in such a way that they cannot be used by people with suicidal tendencies, but also door handles, hinges and other objects also meet these requirements.

2. What are these “veins” on the egg?

Such eggs can carry chickens suffering from bronchitis. It is absolutely safe for a person to eat this product.

3. “Found it while eating, it stuck in a piece of meat”

This is a microchip for pigs and cattle. Definitely, the “owner” of the find is to leave a complaint against a restaurant or shop.

4. “Traveled to Chile. There the guy’s face with Pringles chips is sealed on each pack. Why?”

On these chips apply 2 laws of the country at once. First, any unhealthy product in Chile’s stores must be labeled with a warning label. Secondly, if there is such a sticker on the package, then there should not be any cartoon characters on them. That is why the picture has to stick.

5. What is the name of this natural phenomenon?

This pargelium, or “false sun,” is one type of halo (luminous ring around a light source). Looks like a bright spot at sun level.

6. What is the meaning of such a device?

With it, you can charge your phone through someone else’s USB port and not be afraid that data is read from the phone or viruses are transferred to it.

7. “I stumbled on such things in the Polish forest. What could it be?”

This is an old piezometer – with the help of such an instrument, groundwater level is measured.

8. “My neighbor was sent this. I’m confused”

This thing is for practical jokes. You plant it, put it in an envelope, and when someone takes it in hand, the thing starts to rustle as if a rattlesnake lurked inside.

9. “Mom discovered this terrible creature in the basement of the house, she is shocked. Who is that?”

So the spiders infected with a fungus can look. Here is another example.

10. “I brought it as a gift from the Philippines”

The name of this thing is the alpha spin disk. It allegedly transforms the quantum field of objects, thereby improving a person’s immunity, increasing concentration during work, adding activity, reducing stress, and generally improving well-being. The device draws the energy of the universe. At least so say the manufacturers.

11. This fish was in a bag of frozen shrimps.

Most likely, this is pinagor – a type of marine ray-finned fish. They live in the North Atlantic Ocean and in the seas of the Arctic Ocean.

12. Why used these strange things before?

These are vintage decorations for cakes. The wedge at the bottom stuck into the dessert, and some of the decorations had holes so that you could insert candles into them.

13. What is this strange geometric image on one of the churches in Rome?

It is nothing like a sundial.

14. “Found this little animal on the beach in Australia. It is about the size of a fingernail. ”

This is a blue dragon – a type of mollusks. Just look how cute they are.

15. What happened to this car?

Such “injuries” cars caused clamping nuts with spikes on the wheels of a large truck. Shown here is how they could look.

16. “I rode a boat on the Mississippi River and met such a miracle”

This is a colony of bryozoans – primordial animals. Bryozoans – colonial, attached creatures that live in water.

17. “I saw an unusual fixture in the store. What is it for? ”

For barbecue. With the help of such a “brush” you can distribute the sauce over the meat, and it will not melt.

18. “I found this guy in the parking lot of the mall. His clothes are made of thread, and his head was smeared with glue and immersed in the ground. ”

This is a “worry doll.” She comes from Guatemala, but is also found in Mexico. Doll give thoughtful and sad children. Those tell a toy about their sorrows and anxieties, put it at night under the pillow. It is believed that she can take away all the fears and anxieties of her little master.

How many things and creatures did you manage to identify? Show off in the comments.

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