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18 stories in which the whole essence of the relationship between a man and a woman

“In sorrow and in joy, in wealth and in poverty, in sickness and in health” is an ode to relationships for all times. You must admit that love between a man and a woman is something special, which you can talk about for a long time and with aspiration.

Therefore, the editors AdMe.ru I collected for you a selection of stories about the most wonderful feeling on Earth.

  • The girl is very interesting made me an offer. Brought me to the apartment. seedling! She said: “Well, you already have an apartment, here’s your future tree. If you want to raise a son, you whistle. ” I agreed.
  • Recently in the morning we had breakfast with the whole family. Porridge is delicious, but I ate. There remained just a few spoons, and I put my husband on the plate. Daughter with rounded eyes: “And what, so you can?!” Everyone laughed. Husband replied: “Only Mom!”
  • I’m afraid of spiders to shiver. The husband knows this perfectly well, but does not miss the opportunity to pin up. The last time he gave me a box with a surprise. I open it in anticipation, and a lot of little spiders fall on me! Swore for a long time with him. And by the way, I got my revenge – now he has no eyebrows and no favorite mustache. Because nefig!

  • We lived in poverty. My dad never gave mom flowers, they were never together in a cafe or abroad. Were only on earnings. But every night, Dad, before lying on his side of the bed, lay down on his mother’s place, so that later he could give her a warm place to sleep. Love is in the details.
  • My husband asks at his leisure: “Tell me, would you let me go to work in another city, but for a salary of 150,000 rubles?” I replied without hesitation: “I would send kicks.” Husband for some reason offended.
  • My husband and I work together in the same firm. And he is the director and my immediate supervisor. This has its advantages – you can sleep with the boss, and you will not get anything for it. But there are also disadvantages – you can sleep with your boss, and nothing will happen to you for that.
  • Husband traveled with colleagues to corporate with an overnight stay. The team is young, cheerful, and the girls are cute. Returned with a hangover. I trust him, but I’m a little jealous. We go to bed. He fell asleep first, and after a while I decided to trot on him and tried to kiss him. Charged in the nose. Asleep thought he was still there. No longer jealous.

  • What is living with a husband who works as a dental surgeon? This is when you come to him to remove a tooth, and he happily rubs his hands and after a week wears your extracted tooth on a thread around your neck as a pendant.
  • My husband writes some of my phrases in a special notebook and makes me subscribe to them, so that later I wouldn’t cry that I didn’t say that. It is very nice.
  • My husband, seeing me at a pedestrian crossing, decided to play a trick. He pressed the gas and drove purposefully to me. I was scared and fell! He jumped out of the car, scared to death. He started to bother me, call an ambulance. Well, what, I just decided to play along with him. More is not joking.
  • My wife said she would fight my smoking. She warned that every cigarette I smoked would be equal to one shawarma she would eat. Says: “You want me to remain as slim?” So much for an incentive! ”I had not smoked for almost a week, I was serious about her words. But yesterday I could not stand it and lit up at work. A few minutes later I received a message with a photo in which my wife eats shawarma. How did she know? Someone from the office merges information? How do these women manage to know everything?

  • He wanted to go home to change his clothes when he noticed a hole in his T-shirt. But then she rummaged in her purse and, having fished out a plaster, sealed a hole on the wrong side. The visible parts of the patch are painted over with a black marker. Handled it. That’s how I realized that this is my future wife.
  • I have vitiligo since I was 14 years old. At first there were small imperceptible spots, but after giving birth, the lesions began to rapidly increase. So there were complexes. In the summer, she always wore long-sleeved clothing, burning from the heat. At one moment, my husband got tired of looking at my sufferings, so he made me put on shorts and a tank top. Now, when we go out together, my love always takes my hand. We walk he and I – a huge red and white spot. But I do not care. I’m just happy!
  • I went today in a minibus and watched a rather touching picture. At one of the stops went an elderly couple. The grandmother sat down on an empty seat, and the grandpa stood beside her. I rose to give room to my grandfather. When I invited him to sit down, he smiled very nicely and said: “Thank you, granddaughter, you sit. I am not far away from her, otherwise I’ll completely lose my beloved one, ”and, smiling, stroked her hair. I shed a tear.

Recently met a girl. He offered to come to visit. Like any hospitable host, he said: “Feel at home.” Then she went into the living room, sat on the sofa, threw her legs on the coffee table and said in an important voice: “You need to re-paste the wallpaper here.” A month later, re-stuck.

  • They quarreled with her husband when he was on a business trip. He wrote me all sorts of nasty things. Blocked it in all social networks and instant messengers. But life did not prepare me for the fact that he would send me one penny through an online bank, commenting on payments with the word “reptile”.
  • I made myself an injection to increase the lips. The husband was against, said he would not let go home. The word kept I sit on the porch of our house. The face is swollen. Husband vodichki made, saying that such toads without water is impossible. Love him.
  • I love my home plants very much. I have many different ones, there is even smuggling brought by cuttings from different countries. My husband always laughed at the fact that I talk to them, hug and send them kisses. Once I went on a business trip for 2 weeks. Upon my return, I went to the shower, go out and see how my husband stands over one of my bushes with a spray gun and coos: “Well, come on, bro, hold the leaf normally, otherwise mom will decide that I haven’t cared for you, and bite off my head” .

And what unusual stories happened in your relationship? Share in the comments!

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