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18 facts about our world that will confuse many

What cats purr, how fast was the tyrannosaurus running and what was the real name of Emperor Caligula? Many curious things are not told to us in school lessons, but it is never too late to correct this omission.

We are in AdMe.ru Found answers to the most tricky questions and want to share with you.

1. Cats purr with vocal chords

Recent studies have shown that the “purr apparatus” is a subtly connected sublingual bones. It is located between the base of the skull and the root of the cat’s tongue. In moments of pleasure, muscles contract, causing the vocal cords to vibrate.

2. Pure sapphires are valued higher than diamonds.

The stereotype about the high value of diamonds appeared only in the twentieth century thanks to the marketing specialists of the company De Beers. The slogan “Diamonds forever” was coined in 1947, and his face was Marilyn Monroe. In fact, the high cost of cut diamonds is not caused by anything. But sapphire was still appreciated by the inhabitants of Ancient Persia and still remains a rare and valuable stone. Its cost may well exceed the price of a diamond.

3. The cat’s tail contains almost 10% of all the bones in its body.

There are about 240 bones in the cat’s body, of which there are about 23 caudal vertebrae. By simple calculations we get 10% of the total. The only exceptions are breeds with a short tail.

4. Modern repellents do not scare away insects, but hide people

The chemical substances that make up repellents affect the sense of smell of insects. They block the receptors by which the blood sucking find their prey. Thus, a person temporarily becomes “invisible” to insects.

5. Venus and Uranus, unlike other planets in the solar system, rotate counterclockwise

All the planets in the solar system rotate clockwise. The only exceptions are Uranus and Venus. This phenomenon is called retrograde motion. Venus rotates on its axis from east to west, and the axis of Uranus is tilted so that the planet practically rotates “on its side.”

6. The $ sign is older than the dollar itself.

One of the most authoritative versions says that the sign “$” denoted the Spanish pesos, who went to the colonies, including in America. It is believed that the symbol “$” means abbreviation of the word “peso” in the plural (pesos), by overlaying the lowercase letter “s” on the capital “p”. At the end of the XVIII century “p” was reduced to one or two vertical lines. This symbol is in the letter of Oliver Pollock in 1778 next to the sum in pesos. But the US banknote was put into circulation in 1861.

7. The official language of England for more than 600 years was French.

After the conquest of England by the Normans, the nobility began to include the French language. “French legal” was the official language of judges and lawyers until the XVIII century. The motto on the emblem of the UK “God and my right” (Dieu et mon Droit) is written in French. Some terms are still in use in the Parliament of Great Britain.

8. Aviator glasses were designed for military

Points “aviators” fully justify their name. They were created in 1938 for American pilots and for a long time were not available to the general public. These glasses gained popularity after the end of the Second World War, when ordinary Americans sought to imitate the war veterans who had returned home. It was then that mass production was launched.

9. Clouds can move at a speed of 150 km / h.

It seems to the human eye that the clouds are floating very slowly, but in fact they can develop speeds that many motorists will envy. The clouds of the upper tier are located at altitudes of 6–12 km. How quickly they move depends on the wind speed in a particular layer of the atmosphere. Their speed can reach 150-200 km / h, and this is comparable with the speed of the train.

10. People can not sneeze in a dream.

Sneezing is due to irritation of the nasal mucosa, and during sleep the sensitivity is much lower and the impulses are not so strong. However, if there is a sufficiently strong stimulus (for example, the smell of smoke), then the human body exits the sleepy state. That is, if the mucous membrane is too irritated, the person still sneezes and wakes up at the same time.

11. In Australia, as many people die from bee venom as from snake and spider bites.

Despite the fact that Australia has a reputation as a country with a huge number of poisonous spiders and snakes, bees and wasps have turned out to be equally deadly creatures. According to national studies, the number of dead from snake bites is equal to the number of deaths after meeting with seemingly harmless insects. The fact is that the poison of bees and wasps can cause a strong allergic reaction. Most people underestimate this danger and do not immediately turn to doctors.

12. Liechtenstein and Haiti have the same flag.

Historically, a flag with two horizontally arranged stripes of blue and red colors was chosen at once by 2 states: Liechtenstein and Haiti. About this for a long time no one guessed. The confusion occurred at the 1936 Olympics. In 1937 a princely crown appeared on the flag of Liechtenstein.

13. In fact, tyrannosaurus could not run

Scientists from the University of Manchester (The University of Manchester) conducted a computer simulation that confirmed that Tyrannosaurus could not run, but walked quickly. The weight of the giant was more than 7 tons. Studies have shown that running with such a weight would cause an “unacceptably high load on the skeleton.” In short, the sprinter Tyrannosaurus was definitely not and moved with a maximum speed of 27 km / h. So, there are questions about the method of obtaining food. Already there were suggestions that tyrannosaurus could be a scavenger at all.

14. The real name of Caligula is Guy Julius Caesar

Caligula’s nickname (literally translated as “soldier’s boot”), the future emperor received in his early childhood because of the habit of wearing a legionnaire’s uniform. The real name of the person who entered the history as a tyrant and a madman is Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus. However, this Roman emperor was remembered by descendants under the nickname Caligula.

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