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17 medical tales that cause both laughter and tears at the same time

Whoever you ask, everyone has some impressive story about their own health and relationships with medicine, and the doctors themselves can tell you that you don’t know how to react. So read about the “one-time” doctor, “paid pain” and “evil” gynecologist and choose for yourself – to cry, laugh, or do it all at the same time.

collected medical records from the site of Pikabu and the public “Evil Medic” and “Ward No. 6”, each of which proves that a sense of humor is the best medicine for all ailments.

  • In childhood he revived his dog with the help of artificial respiration. I was so inspired by this that now I am a resuscitation doctor. Saving people’s lives, I work until I lose my pulse. I know that this is my vocation. Only recently, my mother admitted that the dog just slept.
  • She was taking away her beloved girlfriend from the hospital. 10 minutes walked around the building, enclosed by a fence, and tried to get into the yard. I saw smoking doctors, shouting: “How to get to you?” After half a minute, red with laughter, they explained that first I needed to get to know a good man.
  • Today I personally made sure that the doctors had strange humor. I had a dermatologist, some kind of game got out on my arm – I had to remove it, but not the essence. We sit, chat, while she cleans and removes everything for me. We talked about choosing a profession. I ask: why a dermatologist, this is a terrible job, to which she replied: “I loved to burst bubbles on film as a child, and so it started.”
  • The other day they made me a laser vision correction. After the operation, sat in the dark, rested, going to leave. The doctor stops and gives the last instruction: “First of all, go to bed, you will wake up – it will be better seen. And most importantly, do not be afraid. Those you see are your family. ”
  • A psychiatrist friend has a patient – a boy, Kolya, 10 years old. He is autistic and has not said a word since his birth. Understands everything, not dumb, but silent. At one of the classes (where the boy’s father was invited) was attended by a black doctor from Germany. This same doctor takes Kohl in his arms and begins in broken Russian to say: “What a good boy. “And raises it, shaking higher and higher, pronouncing with a German accent:”. good boy”. Then a childish bass voice is heard: “Put me in my place. I do not like you”. Kolya spoke for the first time. Daddy boy almost fell off the chair.
  • Came to the ultrasound. Then the doctor says: “So, I can’t find your left kidney. Did not sell? “

  • I’m a radiologist. I sit describing a snapshot of a commercial patient. The patient sits next to everything in impatience: after 5 minutes he will know his diagnosis. And here I remember that I did not give the paper to my colleague. I pick up the phone, dial the number.

– Hello? Is this a patanatomy? Tell the manager to come to me. Yes, urgent.

I put the phone down, finish writing the conclusion, turn and see. the patient’s eyes. And only here I get all the comic situation.

  • I decided to divorce my husband and in a conversation I told a friend that it was “unpleasant for me to wear this wedding ring.” She says: “Take it off!” And puts it on her finger so that it does not get lost. In the evening, it was not possible to remove it. In the morning in the emergency room she was advised to cut the ring, which she didn’t want to do: it was made to order, with complex weaving of platinum. In parallel, a friend corresponded with a guy in a tinder, who turned out to be a doctor. He invited her to come to his clinic and helped to remove the ring. This summer they got married.
  • At the reception, the patient says what tests should be taken:

– Finger blood test, vein blood test, urinalysis – these tests should be donated from the nose until Monday!
She in all seriousness replied:
– Blood from the nose, too, need to pass?

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