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16 things from Japan that should be everywhere

Japan is a unique country with beautiful nature and special culture. And it is inhabited by very inventive people who create unusual things that can not be seen anywhere else – only there.

I collected for you 16 cool things from Japan, which, in our opinion, should be in all countries.

Gas stations

In Japan, the hoses through which fuel is supplied hang on top. This avoids a situation where the hose does not reach.

Vending machines

The Japanese value their time. Apparently, therefore, they created vending machines not only with chips and chocolates, but even with fried potatoes, boiled eggs, pet food and pasta.

Compact parking

127 million people live in Japan, so saving space is a priority. For example, near the supermarkets you can find such compact two-tier parking. Convenient and practical.

Drink cans for the blind

People who are deprived of sight also need to somehow determine what is in the can. The Japanese have already taken care of this: in this country you will not find a single aluminum can without an inscription for the blind.

Chairs from which your bag does not fall

A bag that constantly falls when you hang it on the back of a chair is terribly annoying. In Japan, this problem was solved: they just made chairs with a notch. Now the bag will not constantly fall down on the floor. This is simply brilliant!

Foot bath train

This you will not find anywhere else! Unfortunately. In Japan, you can buy tickets for an electric train, where there is a hot foot bath to relieve tension and have a good rest.

On the street handing out paper handkerchiefs

Are sick? Be healthy and keep a handkerchief. So you say in Japan. These handkerchiefs are handed out on the streets. And yes, they are absolutely free.

Multifunctional toilets

Restrooms in Japan are more than functional. These toilets are able to literally everything: they help people with disabilities, they clean themselves, they even have a heating function. Unless the toasts are not cooked yet, but, knowing the Japanese, they will soon add this function too.

“Shovels” for stress relief

The Japanese work a lot. A lot of work is almost always stressful. And what is the best way to get rid of stress? That’s right, bubble wrap. In Japan, they came up with an “endless” film-keychain, with which you instantly relieve tension.

Automatic doors in a taxi

Another proof that the Japanese adore everything automatic. Most Japanese taxis have automatic doors that will never tell you: “Please don’t slam it so hard.”

Hotel for those who want to sleep

If you dream of a cozy room in which you will sleep sweetly, then there are special capsule hotels for you in Japan. People come there to just have a good sleep. This pleasure is not enough for many, is it?

Musical roads

In Japan, there are several roads, passing through which you will hear a pleasant melody. Trifle, but during a long trip the most is to have a little fun.

Cafe with cats

Seals are cozy and lovely, and the Japanese know it. Therefore, they opened dozens of cafes, the main feature of which is the presence of a large number of cats. Going there, you seem to fall into a furry paradise, from which you do not want to leave.

Kotatsu – heated table

We do not know about you, but we would not get out of this thing. Kotatsu is a table with a blanket and heated bottom. Invented it in the XIV century, but in Europe it is extremely rare.

Notification system

There are special loudspeakers throughout the country that serve as a means of alerting you to dangerous situations, such as an earthquake or tsunami. When everything is calm, pleasant music is playing, and in the afternoon there is a message for the children that it’s time to go home.

And finally, in Japan, you can sleep at work!

What do you do when you have an afternoon nap at your workplace? The Japanese decided not to fight this desire and introduced the right to sleep at work. Such a dream in Japanese is designated by a special term – “Inemuri”, which literally means “to be present and sleep”. You can even sit and sleep at a meeting in front of the boss, this is normal.

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