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16 stories of th that must be heard

No matter what anyone says, this world is full of kind and responsive people. It seems that in the outgoing year the media talked about everything, but not about them.

I decided to fill this gap and found 17 short stories, each of which in its own way gives hope for the next year.

Her father died of cancer when she was 16, but before that he managed to pre-order flowers for each subsequent birthday of his daughter. On the photo is a bouquet and a postcard, which was delivered to her on the 21st birthday.

“I found a wallet that was lost in 1963. It took me 15 years to calculate its owner, but by this time he had already passed away. That’s what his family did to the thing I gave away. ”

“My mother is in the hospital and she has been unable to eat her food for a week already. However, I found a way to treat her to Thanksgiving turkey. She had not smiled like that for several weeks. ”

“I could not let her into the house, but for no reason could not let her freeze.”

This pit bull did not want to leave the shelter without the Chihuahua, whom he defended there. The new owner had to take them both.

“The guy who conducted the internet connection for me asked if he could pick up an old children’s slide lying in my backyard. I was just glad to get rid of her. He sent me a photo of his final work (all done by hand!). Respect this guy.

“The stranger gave his generator to a woman whose father is connected to an oxygen cylinder. People help people. I love my staff. ”

“My 7-year-old daughter has Down syndrome, and every time she draws a little man, she signs it is dad. I saved all her drawings and in honor of Father’s Day I made one big collage of them. Even though she cannot express herself in words, she finds ways to tell her dad how much she loves him. ”

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