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16 inventions whose ideas people borrow from animals

For centuries people have been observing the wonders of nature and drawing ideas for their own inventions. So there was even a separate science – bionics, and its subsection – biomimetics, which is based on the principle of borrowing ideas from animals and basic elements for new technologies.

prepared for you a selection of interesting inventions of mankind, the prototypes of which were animals.

Reflective marking, retractable blades and cats

The cat has become a real muse for the Englishman Percy Shaw. Once he paid attention to how car headlights are reflected in the cat’s eyes, then he came up with the first road reflectors, which can now be found everywhere.

The scientist Bernard Courtois failed to release a substance from algae until the cat broke the flasks. The contents were mixed, the reaction started, and brown crystals became its result. They were later called iodine.

And how cleverly a cat handles its claws! It can release them and return them to the soft “sheath”, leave it sharp or “soften” so as not to harm anyone. Isn’t this what inspired the makers of penknives?

Light and bioluminescence

Long before the invention of man candles and night lights, many animals and even some species of fungi used bioluminescence. And while some scientists are trying to find the possibility of its use in the modern world, others have focused on fireflies and have already achieved success.

They managed to recreate the light that the luminous organs of these wonder-insects emit. The resulting LED is 55% brighter than the original.

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