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16 innovative developments from around the world, which are designed to protect drivers and pedestrians from accidents

According to a report by the World Health Organization, more than 1.25 million people die on the roads every year. About half of the victims of road accidents are pedestrians, motorcyclists and cyclists. To reduce the number of victims, around the world they are creating and actively introducing technologies and devices designed to prevent accidents.

prepared a selection of innovative developments, both existing and those that are about to appear, to increase the safety of drivers and pedestrians.

For drivers

1. Multitul

BodyGard multitool is a 5 in 1 fixture that looks like a key chain. The device, which is in special demand from the car owner, is designed for emergency situations:

  • cut the stranded seat belt;
  • break the glass if the door is locked;
  • attract attention with a bright red beacon, beep or LED flashlight.

2. Portable starting charger

Starting charger quickly charges the car battery. Even being away from the village, you can start the engine of your car yourself, without waiting for help from passing cars. Most of these devices are universal, so you won’t be left without a charged phone.

3. Speakerphone

Talking behind the wheel threaten a fine, and this is the best than you can get rid of. To avoid accidents, look at the speakerphone. The gadget can be attached to a place convenient for the driver and synchronized with the mobile device via Bluetooth. The result of such simple manipulations is free hands and great concentration at the wheel.

4. Device against sleep and driving

To fall asleep at the wheel is a terrible dream of many motorists. Invigorating drinks to increase concentration – the last century. It is much more reliable to get a Stop Sleep device that scans the pulse. Having determined the slowing down of the pulse, which is characteristic when falling asleep, the device will start beeping and vibrating.

5. Self-healing asphalt pavement with steel fibers.

Netherlands scientists have invented “self-healing asphalt”. The secret to the restoration of asphalt cloth is to add to the bitumen fine steel shavings, thanks to which the cracks formed can be eliminated. It is enough to drive the induction machine through the damaged area, as the bitumen will heat up and spread, filling the voids. As a result, asphalt serves twice as long. Currently, the development of scientists tested on 12 roads in the Netherlands.

6. Holographic augmented reality navigation system

Holographic navigator WayRay Novion creates a virtual world around the car. In real time, the gadget synchronizes information with the route, allowing the driver to focus on the road and make driving safer. The device responds to simple gestures, so that the driver can control the navigator, even without looking at the dashboard.

7. Seat belt adapter for pregnant women

Belt adapter BeSafe Pregnant belt is designed to ensure the safety of pregnant women. Its peculiarity lies in the redistribution of the load from a different angle. Thanks to the adapter, the belt does not harm the child, because, unlike the usual, it does not press on the stomach. It can be installed both on the driver and on the passenger seat. Importantly, the device has been tested: the seat belt adapter complies with the ECE R16 standard.

For cyclists

8. Veloradar

Backtracker cycle radar is what you need to become more visible on the road. The LED indicator is mounted on the wheel of the bike, which lights up when the distance to other participants of the movement is less than 140 m, and it shines more and more intensively as they approach. At the same time with him on a bicycle the taillight, going in a set with the device, brightens more brightly.

9. Interactive backpack

An interactive backpack Seil Bag is intended to inform the road users about the future maneuvers of the cyclist. Without a break from the helm, the cyclist through the controller notifies the chosen direction of movement, displaying a message on the LED display of the backpack. Such a backpack is especially needed in the dark.

10. Bicycle helmet with integrated light display

Helmet Lumos, equipped with a whole range of light indicators – an alternative to a backpack. A remote control mounted on the steering wheel allows the cyclist to report on his actions, including turn signals and brake lights on the helmet. The battery lasts an average of 3 hours.

For pedestrians and runners

11. Interactive road surface

The innovative Zebra The Starling Crossing is a LED system that “draws” road markings online. In addition to the pedestrian crossing and the stop-lines, recommendations for motorists about driving speed also appear on the roadway. The prototype is already being tested in south London.

12. Light for shoes

For lovers of evening runs, the Night Runner device is intended. These are luminous mounts, which are securely fixed on the sneakers with laces, illuminating the ground 3 meters ahead. Runners will definitely enjoy the fact that the battery life of the device is 4 hours.

Nearest news

13. The road that communicates with cars

The idea of ​​American scientists – the highway with the technology of information exchange between machines and infrastructure. According to the inventors, their development will help reduce the number of traffic accidents and increase throughput. With the help of the implemented system, the car will read data from the sensors, which will be installed into signs, traffic lights and other road objects with an interval of 600 meters. with infrastructure.

14. Holographic traffic lights

Back in 2008, designer Hanyun Li proposed to equip the intersections with holographic traffic lights – tangible obstacles in the way of drivers. The wall-hologram, according to his idea, will appear when the yellow signal of the traffic light comes on. With the switch to red, moving human figures will also appear on the virtual wall. The disappearance of the hologram is a sure sign that the movement is allowed, the green light is on. Currently, several companies are developing traffic lights-holograms on the basis of his ideas.

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