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16 cool TV shows that can be viewed in 3 days

Sometimes there is absolutely no time for anything. And so you want to come home, make tea and plunge into the lives of the heroes of the series: to be a detective who is trying to solve a crime, act on the stage as a comedian or become part of an unusual and loving family.

For those who do not want to spend time on soap operas, AdMe.ru collected series, which you can watch in a few days.

American crime history

American Crime Story, 2016 – Present

10 episodes

Each season of the series tells us about the high-profile crimes that were actually committed and left their mark on US history. Season 1 reveals the story of the famous American football player O.J. Simpson, accused of double murder of his former wife and her friend. The case is so complicated that no one can understand whether he is guilty or not. Based on some facts, the audience themselves decide which side to choose.

Cuba Gooding Jr. admitted that Simpson was emotionally hard to play and he finally came to his senses only a month after the end of the shooting.

This Is Us, 2016 – Present

24 series

Several million people simultaneously celebrate their own birthday. But the same holiday date is not the only thing that unites them. Someone is going to meet his father, who left him in childhood, someone suffers from obesity and trying to lose weight, someone just tries to understand himself.

The series will appeal to all who are tired of fiction, crime stories and intricate scenes. Recommended for viewing both women and men.

Red bracelets

Red Band Society, 2014–2015

13 episodes

This is a story about a group of adolescents who, by coincidence, ended up in hospital with difficult diagnoses. They understand that at any moment they may not become, and they try to live as they would live an ordinary life. They break bans, have fun, fall in love and help each other in difficult times.

Sincere series that affects every part of the soul.

10 episodes

When the children were 12 years old, they decided to take a walk in the park. But the annoying 5-year-old brother of one of the series’s characters attached to them. The children were rude to him, and he ran away, only he never returned home. After this incident, the guys stopped communicating, but after 20 years, the DNA of the missing boy is found at the scene of one murder. So he is still alive, and the guys are reunited to find him.

Mysterious series, which is full of mysteries and epic scenes.

Dying with laughter

I’m Dying Up Here, 2017 – Present

10 episodes

The series, which became the producer Jim carrey, talks about the hard life of stand-up comedians in the 70s. Each of the speakers dreams of fame, television and wealth, but such luck rarely falls to anyone. The owner of the club does not even pay the guys for the performances, because the institution is often visited by producers who can notice a talented stand-maker, and this is already a good payment for jokes.

This drama is about great work, talent and how hard it is to always be funny.

There are no words

Speechless, 2016 – Present

30 episodes

In the center of the plot is a large family in which a child with a disability appears. They romp across the country in search of the perfect school in which the boy would not feel slighted. Mom tries to do everything to make him feel good, but at the same time she completely forgets about the interests of others, family and the child himself. The main problem is that she sees a disabled person in a child, not a person, and does not allow him to live the life he wants.

Life series, which affects the main problems of society.

The OA, 2016 – Present

10 episodes

The main heroine of the series returns home 7 years after the disappearance. What happened to her, no one knows, and the girl herself does not speak. The main intrigue is a wonderful insight, because before the disappearance the girl was blind.

Great drama that looks at one go.

The Hour, 2011–2012

12 episodes

In the 50s, a group of journalists comes up with the transfer of a new format – all the news over the past week will be shown in just an hour of television time. But later, journalists are beginning to be torn between the desire to tell the truth about the events and the fear for their career and their lives.

Wonderful English series produced by the BBC, which covers the topic of freedom and heroism

Big little lie

Big Little Lies, 2017

7 episodes

At a charity ball a murder occurs, but neither the name of the victim, nor the name of the killer is known. The plot of the series throws us a few months before the tragic event and shows the lives of 5 families who are mysteriously connected with murder.

Realistic drama that looks at one go.

Rellik, 2017 – Present

6 episodes

© BBC Television Center

This is a serial about a serial killer whose story is told in reverse order. The name of the criminal will be known already from the first series, and the purpose of the narration will be the study of the causes that led to the commission of a number of murders.

An interesting series that keeps in suspense until the very end.

10 episodes

The musical drama, filmed under the direction of Mick Jagger, tells about the head of the recording studio, who is struggling to keep her afloat. The series has it all: punk record, frikovatye producers and beautiful women.

Gorgeous drama that will appeal to anyone who wants to look behind the scenes of concerts 70s.

Mr mercedes

Mr. Mercedes, 2017 – present

10 episodes

A retired detective enjoys the rest of his life. However, he was haunted by one unsolved case of a maniac who rammed 16 people on a Mercedes. The offender is not going to stop. He is preparing a larger crime and decides to play cat and mouse with a detective.

Excellent series, which was shot on the eponymous book by Stephen King.

GLOW, 2017 – Present

10 episodes

This is a story about a girl who, in a desperate attempt at self-realization, decides to star in a TV series about women wrestlers. As a result, she finds herself in the world of glitter, lush hairstyles and spandex.

An interesting series in which there is a place for humor, tragedy and dreams.

Our zoo

6 episodes

One day the main character took pity on a camel and brought it home, then a parrot, and then a monkey, which became his daughter’s best friend. When the question arose of what to do with all animals, the whole family decided to open a zoo. And not just anyhow, but without cages, where animals will feel comfortable. Some residents of the town didn’t like this idea, and they try to do everything to make the zoo cease to exist.

Charming series, which is based on real events.

Sneaky pete

Sneaky Pete, 2015 – Present

10 episodes

A young scammer, after serving time in prison, decides to assign not only the name of cellmate Pete, but also his personality. The guy comes to the family, which the real Pete has not seen for 20 years, and immediately joins the family business. Over time, the hero of the series realizes what a real family is, and even gains love, but the past does not relax for a minute, threatening to destroy his whole new life.

Excellent crime drama that does not let go until the end of the final series.

Room 104

Room 104, 2017 – present

12 episodes

The action of the series takes place in one room of the roadside hotel. This is the most boring place imaginable, but it is here that extraordinary things happen – funny, sad, weird and sometimes scary.

An unusual series, which will not suit everyone.

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