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16 beauty trends in which there is not a drop of logic

Fashion changes with lightning speed, but sometimes it too “puts”. Some of the solutions that we offer to implement in their daily lives, are suitable only for the theme parties.

Found a few similar and shares with you. At the end of the post – a real cherry on the cake!

16. Red shadows-rectangles

Deliberately graphic shadows of rectangular or square shape are a special hit of fashion shows. Even more relevant will be if you choose a red shade of shadows. It looks, of course, very extravagant.

15. Shadows-rouge in half face

If you decide to use red shadows, then you can go further – use them as a blush, shading on the cheekbones, cheeks, and in general where necessary. The logic is: why spend money on two products, if you can use one? Some even prefer the product “three in one” – red lipstick.

14. Nails with fur

One of the trendy experiments of nail designers has become fluffy nails, as if you just stroked your favorite cat, forgetting that your varnish is not dried out. However, some fashionable women do this: they borrow material for manicure from their pets.

13. Marble lips

Beauty bloggers see their faces as canvas, which is why this trend very quickly won their attention. After all, to create something like this, you need to try very hard and spend a lot of time.

12. Shiny Freckles

The time has passed when the girls were shy of their freckles. Now women of fashion not only draw fake ones for themselves, but also go further: they make small sparkles resembling freckles on their faces. And sent in this form, not only at a fancy party.

11. Yesterday’s makeup

It seems that the make-up industry is committed to simplifying the lives of fashionistas. This, of course, is commendable. But still, the new trend raises more questions than the desire to try it. This “yesterday’s” make-up is careless, as if the girl fluttered all night from a party to a party and she didn’t have enough strength to remove her makeup.

10. Smudged lipstick

Probably, this hit trend is derived from the previous one. And that is very convenient, and a lot of time is saved: you can not try to use a pencil with jeweler’s precision and not correct the makeup after each kiss.

9. Arrows of a unicorn

Of course, everyone loves fairy tales and magical creatures. Unicorn and at all at the peak of popularity. Create arrows in the style of a unicorn – art. Only here for the modern world such a fantasy make-up is hardly suitable.

8. Tapestry on hair

The boho hairstyle – tapestry on hair is a work of art. To create it, not only threads and needles are required, but also … hoops. The whole handicraft!

7. Neck contouring

Although most make-up artists already advocate natural makeup, we still contour everything we can. Even the neck.

6. Bubble nails

Recently, nail masters from the United States came up with a new trend: nails that look like inflated chewing gum, which is about to burst. This trend appeared one and a half to two years ago, but for unknown reasons, it still enjoys popularity. Looks appetizing.

5. Glitter on the lips

Large shimmer particles that give the lips an intense shine are another fashionable trend. Only it is necessary to be afraid of the fact that not a single man will dare to kiss a woman of fashion with such lips.

4. Eyebrow Carving

Applying shadows around the eyebrows, thus emphasizing their shape, is a very bold decision by beauty bloggers. It looks impressive, if used for a thematic photo shoot.

3. Piercing nails

This unusual fashion trend introduced Kim Kardashian. Fashion bloggers picked up the trend with pleasure, and now the instagram is replete with all sorts of variations on this topic. And we ask ourselves a question: how convenient is it to wash dishes with such nails?

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