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15 incredible tilda swinton quotes

“The Queen of Independent Cinema”, “The Phenomenon of Modern Hollywood” – as soon as they do not call one of the most unusual actresses of our time really Tilda Swinton.

I decided to share with you her statements that show what a real independent person is.

  • When I was 10 years old, I was traveling in a train, and it occurred to me that not a single neighbor in the carriage knew what a pathetic person I really was. It was a real revelation: what you show to others does not necessarily correspond to your inner feelings.
  • I like cosmetics, but if you want to be like yourself, this is not the best way. Makeup makes you look like someone else.
  • Cultural boundaries are much more important than national ones. You can be lonely in your hometown, and somewhere in Tokyo, New York or in Belgium – feel yourself among relatives and neighbors in the yard.
  • Children often go against parents. It is likely that my grow up fascist accountants.
  • It is accepted that at age 19 you must decide what you want to do in life further. Nonsense! Or it is believed that at 20 you should have a serious relationship. Nonsense! This is all nonsense! By myself, I would say, if I then agreed with these conventions, I would live as if by a signal.
  • At work, I’m a real soldier. Only the chances of surviving higher.
  • Being a movie star is awesome. I like people waving at airports. Being an art-house freak is also nothing, but it’s more of an elite sport.
  • I always knew that ugly. This is a big advantage. Idesign product.
  • We are constantly told that alcoholics are hopeless. Most of the really interesting, energetic and lively people I met were alcoholics. I think it is hope that makes people drink.
  • I went to the Oscar ceremony as a tourist. I was terrified when they called my name. Standing on the stage in front of three billion viewers is a trauma. It would be better if they sent the prize by mail.
  • Three things can get me out of bed: my children, the film I’m shooting, and the film I want to watch. I am very lazy.
  • In my opinion, doubt makes us human. No doubt even the righteous will lose not only a sense of reality, but also a sense of himself. In the absence of doubt, there is something insane.
  • I am a quiet person. I’m happier when I’m silent. And I never expected to understand me.
  • Most of us live a lifetime without a single adventure. But what is this life without chasing a dream?

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