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15 films that are hard to watch, but impossible to put down

They say that real art should touch the quick and cause powerful emotions. Films that meet these criteria, can shake and pull out of the cozy reality for a few hours. It is for such sensations and the ability to whip something inside these pictures that are especially valuable.

If you are not afraid to let out a tear and relive the emotions from which your breath takes hold, pay attention to these 15 film masterpieces that we are in AdMe.ru forced to move away for a long time after viewing.

Private War (A Private War), 2018

The plot tells about the war correspondent of the British newspaper The Sunday Times, which led reports from hot spots around the world. Despite difficulties, constant injuries and the horror of military conflicts, she regularly wrote materials from Kosovo, Chechnya, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka and other countries. She saw what politicians and officials did not see, tried with all her might to show the truth as much as possible and quickly stop the war through the stories of other people.

The film is based on real events and is based on the article “Private War Mary Colvin”, published in 2012 in the magazine Vanity Fair.

  • IMDb rating – 6.7

Invisible Children (All the Invisible Children), 2005

This tape consists of 7 shorts. Each tells of children with a difficult fate, which others prefer to simply ignore. Stories about slum children, gypsy children, child soldiers and other paintings raise so many hidden problems of our time that it is almost impossible to keep from tears. After all, “all adults were once children. Many of them have already forgotten this. ”

The film is part of the UNICEF global project and the UN International Product Program.

IMDb rating – 7.6

30 crazy desires (Then Came You), 2019

Kevin suffers from hypochondria, constantly ascribes to himself non-existent diseases and does not know how to enjoy life. Sky is a holiday girl who knows how to enjoy every second of her life that is about to end. After meeting and chatting, Kevin learns that Sky has a list of crazy desires that she would like to manage to realize, and the two are taken for their realization.

  • IMDb rating – 7.1

I will become better (Ombline), 2012

Omblina grew up in a dysfunctional family and has already received a term of 3 years for attacking a man. After a month in the zone, she finds out that she is expecting a child, and this completely changes her view of the world. By law, she will be able to stay with the baby only up to 1.5 years, and after that he can be given to another family or sent to a shelter altogether. Omblina realizes that this cannot be allowed, and is going to do everything to prove to the judge that she is worthy of being a mother even after being released.

IMDb rating – 6.8

Love (Amour), 2012

Georges and Anna – music teachers. They are already 80 years old, and they carried their feelings through life, gave birth to a daughter, who already has a family, and all the time lived hand in hand. But misfortune happens: Anna gets very sick, takes away half her body, and she begins to lose her memory. Will Georges withstand this test of feelings?

  • IMDb rating – 7.9

Her Heart (A Mighty Heart), 2007

The film tells about the journalist Daniel Perle, who conducted the investigation and was looking for a connection between the Al Qaeda terrorist organization and the secret services of Pakistan. After one of the interviews, Daniel disappeared, and his pregnant wife, Marian, began his search: she turned to the Pakistani police, the American Embassy, ​​the FBI, and looked for clues in letters.

The film is based on real events and is based on the memoirs of Perl’s wife’s Brave Life and Death of My Husband, Danny Pearl.

IMDb rating – 6.7

Heaven, 2002

Psychological drama with Cate Blanchett in the title role tells about a woman who is trying to administer justice on her own. Phillip’s teacher loses her husband and several students who died due to a drug overdose. She considers the drug dealer to be guilty of their death, but the police are in no hurry to launch an investigation, and the woman decides to take everything into her own hands, not yet knowing what her actions will lead to.

  • IMDb rating – 7.1

Goodbye Christopher Robin, 2017

The burden of fame, suddenly falling on a child, can break his life, and Christopher Robin, the son of the famous writer Alan Milne, knows this firsthand. Returning from World War I and experiencing post-traumatic stress, Alan moved to a suburb of London, where he wants to start writing again. During long walks with his son, Milne makes up and tells stories about Winnie the Pooh, which turn into a world-famous hit. The inspirer of the father and the protagonist of the works, Christopher Robin, often has to appear in public and undergo stress because of his fame.

  • IMDb rating – 7.1

Discovery (2017)

Tom Harper is shocking the inhabitants of the earth with his discovery that after death a person is transferred to the fairy-tale world. He even gives reliable facts confirming his words. After that, the world covers a wave of suicides. The situation is out of control, and even Tom’s wife and children are thinking of committing suicide. Tom is trying to figure out how to prevent millions of deaths and make a difference.

  • IMDb rating – 6.3

Life itself (5 Flights Up), 2014

Ruth and Alex have been married for more than 50 years, their love began in their student years and has not faded until now. One day a couple decides to sell their home and buy a new one, since it is already hard for them to climb the 5th floor. But there are so many memories in their apartment that it is very difficult to refuse it. At the same time, the couple learns that their dog is seriously ill and he needs expensive spinal surgery.

Ruth and Alex will have to make a number of important decisions, but this is life itself.

IMDb rating – 6.2

Gone (Okuribito) 2008

The cellist Daigo Kobayashi loses his job in the orchestra and does not know how to continue to live. In the newspaper, he finds a vacancy for a company that needs a person “to help in traveling.” Daigo immediately take on the job. He is offered a huge salary, but the guy does not yet suspect that behind the ingratiating words “help” and “travel” are meant ceremonial funeral services. Daigo carefully hides from others what he does, because in Japan such a profession is even lower in rank than the ditch cleaner. Will he be able to save his family, friends and keep his pregnant wife after they find out who Daigo works with?

  • IMDb rating – 8.1

Shot Caller, 2018

The main character, an ordinary law-abiding citizen, is imprisoned due to chance. The longer he is there, the more controversial decisions he has to take for his own safety: he participates in prison battles, joins the mafia group and becomes an authority among the prisoners. After leaving prison, it is harder to return to normal life than it seemed. In addition, prison gangsters are constantly reminded of themselves threats.

  • IMDb rating – 7.3

Freak Show Circus, 2017

Billy Bloom moves with his parents to a small town and enters a new school. But she seems so conservative to him, and the teachers are unjust and imposing their opinions that he decides to arrange an act of protest. Every day he puts women’s clothes on to school and does make-up, and soon even decides to try his luck in the “School Queen” competition.

IMDb rating – 6.3

I do not want to forget (Nae meorisokui jiwoogae), 2004

Kim Soo-jin throws a married man after a long affair. The girl is sure that she will not suffer this betrayal until she meets Chul Soo, who dreams of becoming an architect. The lovers are getting married, and now Kim Soo-jin is sure that there will be no more suffering in her life. But once a disease is discovered in her, due to which her memories begin to disappear.

  • IMDb rating – 8.2

At a depth of 6 feet (6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain), 2017

In the past, Eric was a famous hockey player, and now, after the end of his career, he often snowboarding for his pleasure. And this time he is going to ride, ignoring the messages of the rescuers about the impending storm. But, descending from the slope, can not find a way back because of a strong snowstorm. He decides to wait for the morning and follow the tracks in the snow back, but the snow completely falls asleep. Erika is surrounded by an endless snow-covered desert, and he faces a long struggle with the elements for the sake of his own survival.

The film is based on the true story of the ice hockey champion Eric Lemark.

IMDb rating – 5.7

Share with us other powerful pictures that caused you to watch tears.

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