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15 films soaked in the spirit of adventure

To sail the Pacific Ocean on a raft, alone to save his friends from mortal danger, to sacrifice life for the sake of a loved one, to go against the family for the realization of the cherished dream. Only a person with a brave and passionate heart is capable of performing legendary deeds that remain in the memory of generations and for which later they even make films!

offers you a heroic film gang, from which it pulls up to jump on a horse and go in search of adventure.

King Arthur

The heroic saga of the glorious king Arthur and his brave knights is told in a rather stern and believable language. In this film, the director focuses on the historical facts and political events of the early Middle Ages. The stunning cast adds to the beauty of the film: Clive Owen, Keira Knightley, Joann Griffith, Mads Mikkelsen and Til Schweiger.

Four feathers

The four feathers

The film tells the story of four loyal friends who decided to go together to the war in Sudan. But just before sending the troops to Africa, the young officer Harry Fevesham decides that he is not yet ready to give his life for the British crown and unexpectedly resigns. His friends and fiancee send him four feathers in a letter – a sign of shame and cowardice. To reclaim his good name, the hero himself goes to Africa, where he is faced with the most severe trials and tribulations.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

The adaptation of the famous computer game tells the story of a young and courageous prince Dastan, who lost his kingdom because of the wiles of the villains. Now the main character must find a magical artifact that will help him turn back the clock and restore justice. The acting duo of Jake Gyllenhaul and Gemma Arterton makes this film even more interesting and vivid.

Autumn Legends

Legends of the fall

Amazing and exciting film about the difficult fate of the Ludlow family, shown against the backdrop of a difficult period in US history. The film is obligatory for viewing for several reasons. First, the phenomenal cast – Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins, Julia Ormond, Aidan Quinn. Secondly, the incredible beauty of the American North, artfully conveyed by the operators. And thirdly, the story itself, which is chained to the screen from the first minutes and does not let go until the final credits.

Iron grip

The exciting saga from the directors of the Cohen brothers, shot in the Western genre, will not leave indifferent lovers of the good old Wild West films with its bold cowboys, ruthless thugs, wild Indians and dashing chases. The picture captivates with the forethought of the plot, acting and incredible landscapes – not for nothing this film won ten awards nominations. "Oscar".

Tristan and Isolde

After a bloody battle, a young English warrior Tristan accidentally finds himself off the coast of Ireland, where he is found by the king’s daughter, Princess Isolde. Feelings arise between young people, but their love does not come true, because Britain and Ireland have been at war with each other for more than one hundred years. Tragic, but at the same time a beautiful love story, which appeared several centuries before Shakespeare’s "Romeo and Juliet".


The young daughter of the Scottish king Merida does not want to be led by ancient customs and her family: the girl wants to be free and independent, and least of all she dreams of the husband chosen by her parents. Being angry with her mother, Merida accidentally turns her and her three younger brothers into bears. The heroine will have to show all her courage and courage to dispel the ancient charms, protect the family and defeat the most terrible beast from those that are found in the mountain valleys.

Master of the seas

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

Interesting, vivid and dynamic film telling the story of a British ship "Surprise", his crew and bold captain Jack Aubrey performed by the brilliant Russell Crowe. The picture allows the viewer to plunge into the beginning of the XIX century, in the era of the Napoleonic Wars, daring sailors and desperate heroes for two hours.

Dancing with wolves

Dances with wolves

The first directorial work of the magnificent actor Kevin Costner did not leave indifferent American film critics: in 1990, this film won seven golden statuettes at once "Oscar". The film tells about the lieutenant of the times of the American Civil War, John Dunbar, who was left alone in a distant fort and had to survive in the conditions of severe wildlife.

In the center of the plot is a young English aristocrat, forced to move to Australia and tackle her deceased husband’s huge ranch. Despite the intrigues of the spiteful critics, a woman must find the courage and strength to drive a huge herd of 1,500 cows across the desert. In this difficult matter, she volunteered to help arrogant, but charming beater Dover. The film is good and amazing shots of wild Australia, and confusing plot, and, of course, the wonderful acting duo Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman.

The Norwegian traveler Thor Heyerdal in 1947 decides to prove the theory that Peruvians were the first to inhabit Polynesia. To confirm his hypothesis, he needed to recreate a wooden raft according to ancient drawings and go on the most dangerous journey across the Pacific Ocean. Brave adventure bold team "Kon-Tiki" forever made history and changed the lives of people who ventured into it to go.

Kingdom of heaven

Kingdom of Heaven

The epic tape from the legendary director Ridley Scott tells the story of distant times, when brave knights went to distant countries on the Crusades, fought to the last drop of blood and died like heroes. The film reflects in detail the atmosphere of the dark Middle Ages: stunning scenery, luxurious costumes, landscape shooting. Well, a special gloss film adds gold cast: Orlando Bloom, Eva Green, Liam Neeson, Edward Norton, Brendan Gleason, Jeremy Irons.

Knight’s story

A young and enterprising servant after the death of his master decides on a dangerous adventure: the hero appropriates a noble name and ancestry, changes into a knight’s armor and sets off to win a knightly tournament. A light and light film with the young Heath Ledger in the lead role will give the audience two hours of pleasant viewing.


The story of the incredible friendship between the horse Joey and the boy Albert, carried through all the horrors of the First World War, death, separation and betrayal, can not leave indifferent any spectator. Human friendship and loyalty, love and courage are shown against the horrific paintings of the bloody war. This film leaves a long aftertaste and a pleasant understanding of the fact that heroism, courage and honor can change a lot and make the world a better place.

The Last Samurai

The last samurai

Amazingly beautiful film with Tom Cruise in the main role shows the dark time in the history of Japan of the XIX century, when the Emperor decides to rearrange the country on new rails and modernize the army, and for this he needs to eradicate the ancient samurai warriors. In this picture, everything from the acting to the stunning soundtrack by Hans Zimmer is made with the finest taste and respect for amazing Japanese traditions.

Photo on the preview: frame from the film "Dancing with wolves"

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