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12 stories that in a friendly family without humor anywhere

Do you still believe that with age and the emergence of family fun ends? So you are unfamiliar with these stories that may have happened to your neighbors on the site.

Revision AdMe.ru Already appreciated the sense of humor of the authors, join the fun!

  • I was a nerd at school. Such a typical excellent pup, with a pigtail, on the first desk, an exemplary behavior and all that. Once, my mother was called to the director. I was not told why. I sit at home, wait, worry. Mom comes. It turns out that she was awarded a certificate and some souvenir for raising such a daughter, praised me. She sat down on the couch at home, looking at me: “Daughter, listen, and you are not beaten at school?” “No”. “Strange, but we beat them like that.” “
  • Brother 11. He likes one girl in class. I go to her page in the VC, read the status: “Come behind me and hug. I was so cold without your arms. ” I look at my brother: he writes a letter to Santa Claus that he wants a piggy bank with a coin counter and a flying lamp. Yeah, apparently, she was not destined to warm up.
  • Mom told me that you need to give birth by August. Since this is a vegetable month and budget birthdays are coming out. Salatikov nafigachil – and all.
  • When mom and dad begin to quarrel, with the smashing of dishes and the threat of divorce, our cat faints, and so every time. And every time the parents are terribly frightened, come together and take him to the vet, well, they put up on the way. Fluffy moron – the keeper of the family hearth.

  • My neighbors have 7 children, of which 4 are boys and 3 are girls. There are 4 dogs (2 mongrels, a huge shepherd and an Akita), 9 cats (almost all the animals were taken from the terrible conditions). The husband works all day, running only for lunch, and the wife works in the evenings (fitness trainer). From the house it always smells goodies, it is clean inside (sometimes I go to tea), children learn well, very independent. They are regularly selected for the weekend to rest in a crowd. Very cute, funny, responsive and friendly guys. I think Satanists.
  • I am the head of the company. Once there was an interesting case: the secretary came up to me and asked me to let her go home. To the question “For what reason?” She replied that after 6 she did not eat, and her daughter prepared a birthday cake for her. I let go.
  • We go with her husband to the store. He stopped with a cart at one of the windows, stuck in the phone. I got diapers, baby food and something else in my hands, I went over and dumped all the good in our cart. There is a young guy with such eyes O_O and says: “Why do I need it?” And his jacket is almost the same as her husband, gray with red stripes. I am such a type: “Oh!”, I quickly take my junk out of his cart, turn my head, see that my husband is standing next to him and is watching the action, I come up and dump everything into his cart. The husband makes the O_O eyes and says so loudly: “Why should I do all this?” The guy turned 180 ° and vtopil, occasionally looked around.
  • I went to buy winter shoes today, and next to me on the couch, my father and young son tried on shoes. Dad: “You like these ones, right? Try on how to sit on the leg. Son: “Aha, class, I like.” Father, helping to put on the second shoe: “The price is normal, then we take them.” Son shocked: “So what, everyone? And we will not go anywhere to look further? Pa-aa, now I will always always go to the store with you! ”

  • The parents of a friend wanted to give birth to three daughters and name them Faith, Hope and Love. But something went wrong. Now they have Faith, Hope and Denis.
  • New Year. I go to my neighbors, dress up as Santa Claus and call my apartment with a bag of gifts. The wife opens: “Santa Claus has come, he has brought presents!” Son Oleg, 3.5 years old, stands, tightly pressed against the wall, and looks at me from under his brows. “Well, hello boy! What’s your name? And if you know how to tell poems, sing songs. “Etc. The son told, sang, received gifts, and I got ready to leave. Before leaving, he asked: “Maybe you have any wishes, Olezhka?” The answer was killed. “SLEEPING HIS PAPINS, DO NOT FORGET!”
  • Our company has a psychologist – the wife of the main director. Then one day a new employee after swearing heads. the director went to the psychologist to calm down. It turns out funny, well, we ask, they say, yes how, and he, not buying, who she is the boss, had to complain about him in all colors. To which she said: “Yes, he is very aggressive with us, he is still waving his hands. Imagine his octopus, which is waving tentacles, the effect is stunning! I do it myself. “
  • Mom was hospitalized for two weeks. Before the county, she dressed one of the smaller brothers in a sweater, and left all the children with her father. Two weeks later, he returns home and sees a picture of butter: a small one in the same sweater, just already dirty, well-worn, with traces of dried soup and other food. She immediately to drive her father, they say, why are you, do you follow children at all? And he answered: watch, watch. You try to take this sweater off him, he immediately roars and repeats: “Mom put on, Mom would take off. “

And what funny stories from family life are you ready to share? Continue the topic in the comments, cheer up yourself and others!

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