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12 signs by which you can calculate the kidnapper

Every year thousands of children disappear around the world. Thieves are good psychologists. They know how to endear themselves and perfectly manipulate the consciousness of the child.

collected 12 basic tricks of the kidnappers, which betray their evil intentions.

One of the most common tricks of kidnappers is to ask a child for help. If you have witnessed such a situation, this is a cause for concern, because normal adults do not ask for help from unfamiliar children! If an adult has any problem (the dog disappeared, the cat ran away, you need to open the car door, and your hands are busy with heavy bags), he will always turn for help to the same adult, but not to the child.

If a child cries, pulls out his hand and screams, you might think that he is just naughty and does not obey his mom or dad. If a tantrum goes beyond reason, it would not be superfluous to go up and ask if everything is alright. Do not hesitate to ask the child who he is an adult. If the kidnapper is in front of you, he will still think a hundred times whether to take the child away by force. After all, you probably remember him.

Suspicious people who watch the playground, walk in circles, eavesdrop. Take a picture of such a person so that he saw it. Such a simple action and your caring may scare away the thief.

Children are very open and gullible. If they are offered sweets or toys, they promise to give a fashionable gadget; if they get to the car, there can be no doubt – the kidnapper is in front of us. No normal adult will not give gifts to unfamiliar children and invite them to his car.

The kidnapper can know a lot about the family of the child. Even an adult cannot stand before such preparation, let alone children. With the help of social networks, a criminal can find out the smallest details: what are the names of relatives or colleagues of parents, what toys were presented to a child for his birthday, what his room looks like. Using all this in a conversation, he may introduce himself as a friend or a colleague of his parents, tell, for example, that his mother went to the hospital and urgently needed to go to her. If you have witnessed such “processing”, you cannot stand aside, because in 9 cases out of 10 this is a kidnapping.

Sometimes kidnappers use children as bait and send them to meet potential victims. The difficulty lies in the fact that children do not have a clear understanding of who the stranger is. Usually, the kidnappers are represented as evil, sullen men with a beard and glasses. But they can be cute women, and even children (as accomplices). If you notice how a child is being led away from the playground by another child, it will not be overwhelming to catch up with them and ask how long they know each other and where they are going.

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