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12 rich celebrities who don’t waste money

Many of us think that a large fortune is bound to be associated with luxury houses, luxury cars and other attributes of luxury. But money does not always radically change the life of a person and himself.

To prove it AdMe.ru tells about 12 celebrities who do not spend money right and left, despite the millions and even billions in bank accounts.

Halley berry

I save a lot, because I worry that someday my career will end“- said the actress in an interview. Halle Berry can often be found in stores as the most ordinary housewife who combines groceries and walks with children. Traveling in public transport is another activity that one of the highest paid Hollywood actresses does not shy away from.

Kate Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge wears clothes of democratic brands not only in everyday life, but also in public. It is believed that it was thanks to her that the wealthy celebrities began to wear the mass market without hesitation. Besides, Kate Middleton has repeatedly violated etiquette, putting the same things on social events several times.. This approach to saving only adds to its popularity among residents of both the UK and other countries.

Matthew McConaughey

It’s hard to believe, but Matthew McConaughey, before his acting reincarnation, that is, at the time when he played cute heroes of romantic comedies, lived in a trailer. While the actor’s fees were already calculated in seven figures. In his words, extreme minimalism is an excellent weapon against stress, because a big house requires a lot of attention and energy.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker’s wardrobe is very different from the costumes of her heroine Carrie Bradshaw – the actress prefers simple and practical clothes that do not distinguish her from the crowd. She instills a caring attitude to her children. “My son is wearing clothes for cousins. Plus, mom kept my brother’s clothes. I’m not lying, I do not buy him clothes. Maybe a warm jacket. More shoes, because everyone’s feet are different. ”

Keanu Reeves

Perhaps the most unsmiling, but the most beloved actor without awe, refers to the fees received. Thus, he distributed 85% of the remuneration for the Matrix to operators, make-up artists, and costume designers. “The money that I have already earned is enough for me to live for several centuries without problems“, – once said Keanu Reeves in an interview.

The actor, without a twinge of conscience, uses public transport, buys things on sales, and you can meet him on the steps or park bench more often than in an expensive restaurant.

Julia Roberts

Once the actress said: " I have too few clothes to consider myself a lady". And indeed, one of the most successful and beloved beauties of Hollywood dresses simply, grows vegetables in his own garden, and in the intervals between filming knits things for his children. In an interview, Julia Roberts said that her favorite hair care product is shampoo from hotel rooms.

Jennifer Lopez

It is believed that the stars spend fabulous money on dresses for social events. He is successfully refuted by Jennifer Lopez, who appeared on the red carpet of the American Idol show in a dress for $ 26. And this is not the only case when the singer appeared in the clothes of democratic brands. The state of the star, according to Forbes, is $ 34 million.

Jose Mujica

The ex-ruler of Uruguay is called the poorest president in the world. Jose Mujica refused to live in the official residence, moved to the farm, where he and his wife engaged in growing flowers for sale.

From his salary of $ 12,000, the former president donates 90% to charity. “They call me the poorest president, but I don’t feel poor myself. The poor are those who work only to live in luxury. They always want more and more“, Said Jose Mujica in an interview.

Tori spelling

The star of the 90s, Tori Spelling, sold a luxurious house a few years ago and moved into a bungalow. In the big garden, the actress grows fruits and vegetables for her family. According to her, there is no better place in the world to bring up children, whom the actress has 5, with which we sincerely congratulate her! And Tori has some very unusual pets – Koko’s chicken and Piglet Nutmeg, who are full members of her large family.

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