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12 mistakes in speech, which at least once made each of us

We all went to school, and each of us was explained what to say correctly." ringing" and put. But, unfortunately, after graduation, many people forget the rules, because we are not in the Russian language class. And in vain! Speech helps us to make an impression about a person, and mistakes clearly play not in your favor.

We are in AdMe.ru We believe that even in a conversation over a cup of coffee, we should not forget about the norms of the literary language.

“Do you want latte or latte?” If you want delicious coffee with milk and froth, then you probably have latte. The birthplace of this drink is Italy, and the word latte is translated as “milk”. Italians put stress on the first syllable.

The situation is about the same as with the “latte”. The word “marketing” came to us from English. Here the word marketing is pronounced with a stressed first syllable. Therefore, in a strict literary language pronounced “markaet”. In colloquial terms the stress varies.

The word “fetish” is also borrowed. This time – from French. And even if your vocabulary is limited to the words “Bonjour” and “Merci”, then you know that in French there is always the last stressed syllable.

“Domain” is a word of French origin, as well as “fetish.” Therefore, the emphasis on the last syllable is put here etymologically.

The word “torrent” has not yet been fixed in the dictionaries of the Russian language. But, by analogy with other borrowings, the emphasis here is put etymologically. The word is borrowed from the English language, where the stress falls on the first syllable.

With the plural of the word “sneakers” everything is clear, but with the only one not so much. “Sneaker” or “sneaker”? And no, not one – for girls, and the other – for boys. In the singular there will always be a “sneaker.”

The word “text” of the second declension is masculine. Therefore, in the plural “texts” – and nothing else.

The word “curlers” does not have the singular, and yet it does not lean. And even if we are talking about one thing, it will still be “curlers”, and no “curlers”, “curlers” or “curlers”.

The verb “impress” is in the dictionaries of the colloquial litter. Correctly say “we were impressed” or “we liked.”

The adverb “inward” is a vertebrally reduced, therefore, it is undesirable to use it. Instead, it is better to use another adverb – “inside”. It is normative.

The phrase “at the moment” came from the stationery language. Regulatory speech does not allow clericals. Therefore, it is better to abandon the use of this complex speech construct in favor of a simple “now”.

For many tourists (and not only) there is confusion with the spelling of this word. “Thailand” or “Thailand”? Despite the fact that both spellings of the word can be found on the Internet, the standard is still “Thailand”.

Tell us about which speech mistakes annoy you the most. Let’s take the path of combating illiteracy together.

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