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12 dresses from the red carpet, from which all were in shock

Every exit to the red carpet is a real challenge for Hollywood beauties. Hairstyle, dress, shoes, jewelry – everything should be perfect.

Some events were remembered to us not only by their grandiose shows and loud awards, but also by unforgettable dresses that balance on the verge of a foul and a masterpiece.

Rihanna’s appearance on the red carpet of the Bala Institute of Costume in 2015 was remembered by the audience for a long time. The dress of the singer even became the subject of amusing photojob, on which a long round train was turned into a pizza, then an omelet.

Nicki Minaj

The spectators called the red dramatic dress from Versace “mystical” and compared the singer with a member of the secret occult society and Medusa Gorgon. The image is complemented by a man in the costume of the Pope, who accompanied the actress at the event.

Miley Cyrus

One of the fashion critics called this dress “a mix of gladiator corset and crystal chandelier.” The singer herself felt very confident in this dress during the ceremony, where she acted as the presenter. Even when one of the belts exposed Miley’s chest, she remained imperturbable.

Chrissy teigen

The model shocked the audience with very frank cuts on the dress, which in certain angles showed the absence of underwear. That evening, the star tried to hide from the paparazzi lenses as soon as possible.

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