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12 brightest types of passengers, which told the taxi driver

According to the study, the most popular part-time job in Russia is a taxi service. This state of affairs is explained by a flexible schedule and a fairly high level of possible income. But there is one more plus: it is impossible to call such work routine. Yes, and sometimes passengers are already very unusual.

Some taxi drivers can even make their own mini-encyclopedia about personality types. And one of them, a brave girl Kate, who works in a taxi “by vocation”, shared with pleasure with AdMe.ru his observations of the brightest and most common passengers.

Flower bomb

A girl of unearthly beauty surrounded by “spirits and mists.” Always rides with a bouquet of flowers, or in anticipation of getting it. Do not forget to take a selfie in the back seat. Surprised that someone is not subscribed to her instagram.

The empress is crazy

Woman from the category of “accounting for 40”. The degree of intoxication – “Empress crazy.” He pokes his finger in the radio: “Nadya, turn up the volume!” I am not Nadya, but I do. She tries to sing the jazz composition for about 5 minutes, then asks to turn on the “Dacha” radio. The phone rings. She instantly gets sober, twists the volume to zero in one motion and shouts into the phone: “Where are you? What kind of Pavlik? Come quickly home! If you don’t show up after 5 minutes, I’ll come after you! ”

Pikaper inexperienced

A young man under 25, confident that his libido and charisma can drive any woman crazy. All talk only about love “feats”. With every minute of the trip more and more convinced that he invents everything.

Experienced businessman

Man 30 years old: a suit, tie, glasses, black case. Though right now take pictures for stock photos in the “Business” section. The phone is constantly attached to your ear, as if, if you remove it, it will disconnect from the respirator.

Chatty person

Does not have a specific gender, age and stoplight. In 10 minutes of her trip she is able to retell her whole life, ask a million questions and swear eternal friendship. Depending on the gender, he will necessarily tell either about Mashka or Tolyan.

Music lover rare

The same person who travels in a taxi with only his own musical accompaniment always asks for a recharge wire and listens (objectively) for something unimaginable. He is dressed as if this outfit was sewn to him by the same band that wrote the music.

Classic blonde

We can do without comments: you already understand everything. Hard to find, easy to lose, impossible to forget. Forget before you slam the door on exit.

Fan sudden

A man of about 40, traveling from a sport bar. On the shoulders – flags, on the cheeks – flags. There is so much beer in your stomach that you can hear it splashing on turns. But pretty calm. “And can you stick your head out the window?” – “Perhaps not worth it.” He sighs as if his beloved goalkeeper has not beaten off a single penalty. “Do you want me to beat?” – “Can I do it myself?” I pressed the horn and dropped it like 30 years old – a boy, just a happy boy!

Macho russian folk

A man with flowers and a bottle of wine. It is immediately obvious that someone will have a good evening today. Sits correspondence by phone. Gradually it becomes sadder and sadder. There is a sigh. The man puts the phone down and starts looking out the window. “Girl, stop, please, here!” I stop. He: “I look at you, you are so spring and beautiful! Let me give you these flowers! ”I:“ You were ousted, but you decided not to waste time and find a replacement right in the taxi? ”He did not hesitate to answer,“ You are smart! Return the flowers! ”

Extraordinary man

Handsome, as if born of the union of Thor, Loki and Jake Gyllenhaul. Either married or not for girls. But more often and that, and another immediately.

Millennial complicated

The guy is about 25, with an electric scooter. Constantly staring at the phone – apparently, leafing through the tapes of social networks. Sometimes he snorts. From time to time watching vidosiki. Listens to audio messages, he dictates something in response.

We arrive at the place. He is looking at me for the first time during the entire trip: “Girl, and you are in Tinder?” I: “No”. He: “It is a pity, you could meet.”

Candiboberus ordinary

A woman of about 40 years. Of those that do not take off their hats in the winter indoors. He believes that I need to change jobs, get married, have a baby and buy a hat so as not to take it off in the premises.

Did you recognize any of your friends among the listed types?

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