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12 additional features of the smartphone that the manufacturer has hidden from you

Modern technology does not surprise anyone, and therefore we take all the chips of fashionable gadgets for granted. And in vain! After all, the hidden additions of things familiar to us can make life much easier.

We are in the editorial office Adme.ru collected the most obscure hidden features of our smartphones, which fully reveal their potential.

Useful features of Google Play

Turn off automatic updates

Disable automatic updating of applications so that mass downloading of new versions of installed applications does not put your gadget into a stupor. This is especially useful for those who are not very powerful smartphone. By the way, you can put a ban on updating one specific application.

Parental Controls on Google Play

Secure your child with the Parental Control feature. Set the necessary age restrictions in Google Play to protect the child’s psyche from non-content.

Selected applications for installation

Google Play has a “Wish List” feature that busy people will appreciate. You saw a cool game, but you can not give it a proper time? Leave it in bookmarks. So you will not need to install dozens of applications on your smartphone, and at any convenient time you can open your personal list and download the necessary.

Installed Application Library

Have you changed your phone? No problem! All your applications, previously installed and removed on the old gadget, saved in the “Library” tab. Go there and select from the list what you want to download to the new smartphone.

Needed iPhone Features

Delay the alarm with one touch

Do not like to get up on an alarm clock? You can transfer a call to another time with a single click. Just press any side button of the smartphone, and the next alarm will ring after 9 minutes.

The time of sending and receiving messages

The unobvious function of the iPhone is to view the time the message was sent Just swipe from the right to the left of the screen.

Announcement of the name when calling in headphones

Annoyed by frequent calls, because of which you have to get the phone from the inside pocket of your jacket? You can answer calls from headphones. To do this, turn on the call announcements toggle. Now, with each call to your headset, the caller’s name will be played.

Guide-access function for someone else’s hands

Guide access – access only to open applications on the iPhone. Thanks to this feature, you can absolutely calmly put your phone in your hands for “just checking the mail” to those people from whom you want to hide your personal one. You can enable the function in the universal access settings.

Cool Android options

Want to use the hidden options for new versions of Android? Make active the mode “For Developers”, which is in the settings of the smartphone. You will become available more than 50 new features that will significantly improve and speed up the performance of the gadget.

Extend smartphone performance

Stretch a little longer on the minimum battery charge, you can use the “Simulate anomaly” function in the developer settings. Just activate monochrome mode. The reduced number of colors displayed will significantly increase your chances of staying in touch in an emergency.

Saving information on an external drive

Often, phone manufacturers disable the ability to save information to external drives, which is inconvenient for some users. Allow installation of downloaded applications on the SD card. However, you need to use this feature with caution – some applications in this case may not work correctly.

Multi-window mode in new OS versions

Multi-window mode is a new feature of the latest versions of the operating system. Need to work with multiple applications at once? Take advantage of the function “Resizing in multi-mode”. After turning on the screen will display an additional panel with applications that are available for work.

Collecting cats in your phone

In Android 7, there is a hidden opportunity, or rather a real Easter egg from manufacturers. The OS hid a game whose goal is to collect cats. Something like Pokemon GO in a simplified version without the use of virtual reality.

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