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11 signs of fake cosmetics that are worth knowing

Unfortunately, expensive cosmetics are often counterfeited cheaply at times, and even a decent store cannot guarantee 100% protection against counterfeit.

For those who have long wanted to buy something such, but was afraid to run into the cue, created somewhere in the basements of the third world, AdMe.ru found signs worth paying attention to.

11. Texture

The texture of the shadows, powder or blush should always be uniform, without voids and inclusions. The faded color should also alert you if, for example, you bought the shade “juicy peach”, and it looks like a rotten apricot.

10. Ergonomic packaging

Eminent brands ensure that every detail is perfectly tailored and works once or twice. Therefore, if a jar of funds opens and closes until a soft click, most likely, everything is in order. If it closes badly, “with a creak”, it is probably a fake.

9. Barcode

Usually, everyone is too lazy to study barcodes, so applications that can quickly scan them were created just for such cases. It is much more convenient than to climb in the store on the Internet, try.

8. Data on the official website

See what options are available for the product. Here, for example, has become already a cult sponge “beauty blender”: the official website clearly states what colors it generally is. And if a seller tries to sell you a copy of blue or dark green, you will know for sure that he is selling you either an analog or a fake.

7. Print quality

Did you see floating letters or acid colors where they shouldn’t be? Stay away from such a product.

6. Serial number

Look at the official site, where the tool should have a serial number, and look for it. At the checkout you have the full right to ask the seller to open the package and consider everything.

5. Packing quality

Companies that trade with fakes may have problems with dispensing glue and creating smooth seams. Boxes for cosmetic products can be made crookedly and obliquely, out of cardboard, which does not hold the shape. Jambs, as in the photo, should not be.

4. The language of the inscriptions on the package

Let’s say you buy cosmetics of a European brand. If you saw inscriptions on the box in Chinese – this is very suspicious. (This is not a special section where product information is duplicated in different languages.)

3. Information label

The product information sticker often turns out to be a litmus test of quality. It should not bubble, peel off or be crookedly glued. In decent means, often its corner can be easily unglued and flipped, which cannot be said about fakes.

2. Crazy discounts

Finally, we will give a couple of tips on shopping on online shopping sites, which is important for the beauty products of Asian brands.

Very big discounts, in the region of 70–80% – a thing suspicious. Not a single seller of truly high-quality cosmetics will not give it “for nothing”. Especially if the discounts are not on one product, but on several at once.

1. Real photos

A beautiful picture on the product page, alas, does not guarantee that exactly what is shown on it will come to you. Maybe the seller generally took it from the Internet. Take a look at the reviews and see what it really looks like for what you want to give money. Of course, the lack of amateur photos does not always indicate the poor quality of the product, but you do not need a cat in a bag.

Method for meticulous: if such photos are not observed, write to the seller and ask them to take a photo of the goods against the background of today’s newspaper.

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