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11 products that are much more beneficial if you remove the peel

The benefits of fruits and vegetables are difficult to overestimate. But even here there are pitfalls.

We are in AdMe.ru We care about your health and therefore we want to tell you how to eat some fruits and vegetables safer.

1. Do not eat pear with seeds

Pear seeds contain cyanide – a dangerous poison. But his doses are very small, and it is believed that there will be no harm. However, some nutritionists do not recommend eating pears with bones every day.

2. Do not eat persimmon with peel, if the fruit is immature or very tart

With a huge variety of types of persimmon, which are eaten with the skin, there are exceptions. For example, an unripe persimmon or a very tart is better to “strip”, since its skin contains too much tannin. By itself, tannin is safe, but in large quantities it still should not be consumed.

3. Do not eat mango peel

Mango is undoubtedly a very useful fruit, but it is better to eat without a peel, because it contains a toxic resin – urushiol, though not in large quantities. Moreover, the mango peel is not very tasty.

4. Remove the peel from green or dead potatoes

A potato in uniform is very useful, but there are 2 cases in which you cannot eat it with a peel:

  • Potato with green skinned. Solanine is a toxic compound found in green areas of the peel.
  • Germinating, stale potatoes. All the same solanine in it is found in large quantities – both in the skin and in the potato itself.

5. Do not eat with skinned fruits that are subject to prolonged transportation and storage.

So that the products do not deteriorate during transportation, they are covered with wax and other substances that increase their shelf life. In addition, cardboard boxes are treated with fungicides (pesticides), and the fruits themselves – with sulfur compounds, paraffin and antiseptics. So it is better not to risk and remove the skin.

6. Do not let children eat fruits and vegetables with stones

It is better for children to peel fruit and seeds – to prevent intestinal problems.

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