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11 facts about our world, which have not yet reached National Geographic

For some reason, some events are rarely told on TV or written on social networks. For example, who are the PayPal mafia? Why do British police hand out lollipops in pubs? Who untied the Gordian knot? Or where did the patron of the entire Internet come from? The answer to these questions are the stories that are transmitted only from mouth to mouth.

wants to share with you the facts and events from the story, which they say very, very rarely.

1. It looked like the armor of Henry II, King of France in 1555

This is one of the most beautiful armor in the world, which can be viewed literally for hours. Above the armor of King Henry II worked 20 best masters of the XVI century from different countries, decorated the surface of silver and gold plates with small drawings.

The figures depict human figures, mythical creatures and various scenes from myths and legends in the style of the Italian grotesque. On the chest is a Roman warrior who puts on armor, and on the shoulders and back is Apollo with the nymph Daphne. It is said that such armor was used exclusively for parades and holidays, which were held very often.

2. In India there is a 7-meter stone, located on a slope at an angle of 45 °, which cannot be moved

This mysterious landmark, known as Krishna’s Oil Ball, weighs over 250 tons and is located on the extremely slippery surface of a hill. Surprisingly, in 1908, the governor of Madras, Arthur Loli, found the boulder dangerous for nearby houses and decided to remove it. Seven elephants tried to move the boulder, but nothing came of it.

3. The speed of 100 km / h was first achieved in 1899

It is interesting that the car was in the form of a torpedo and was driven by two electric motors with a total power of 50 kW. That is, the first car that reached a speed of 100 km / h was an electric car.

4. “PayPal Mafia” is an informal association of founders and employees of PayPal, who have become one of the most successful groups of people in the world.

The portfolio of companies that these people founded includes Tesla, YouTube, SpaceX, LinkedIn, Yelp, Founders Fund and many more, equally well-known and large corporations.

5. Once a simple fruit dealer became the ruler of Phrygia

According to legend, the priests of the Phrygian temple predicted that the first person to enter the city on horseback would be the mighty king of Phrygia. An unsuspecting peasant by the name of Gordiy drove into the city with his cart of fruit and was immediately declared king. But the story does not end there.

Gordiy presented his cart to the temple and tied it so ingeniously to one of the columns that no one could untie this knot. The oracles again predicted that a person who would be able to get rid of the knot would become the lord of the whole world. When commander Alexander the Great conquered the capital of Phrygia, he was led to this node. Hearing the legend, Alexander drew his sword and simply cut the knot in half.

6. In 1997, a huge 27-pound pumpkin appeared on the steeple of the tower at Cornell University.

Most likely, some joker put a pumpkin there. At the same time, the height of the tower is 52.7 m, there are no stairs or any other access to its top, so it still remains a mystery how a person could raise a huge pumpkin to such a height.

By the way, the second such case occurred in 2005, but this time a disco ball was placed on the spire. Hiring a special crane to remove this ball cost the university $ 20,000.

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