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11 examples of etiquette from Japan, from which we would all go crazy

Japan is a country in which etiquette is incredibly complex. It may seem that the Japanese in vain turn simple actions into a ceremony, but here, for sure, no one will remain offended.

We are in AdMe.ru Gathered for you some rules of courtesy from Japan.

Just to name a person is not enough. And if you have heard about the respectful suffix “-san”, then you should know: this is only the tip of the iceberg, there are some more:

  • “-Kun” – more warm polite suffix, than neutral “-san”. Roughly means “friend”;
  • “-Tyan” – diminutive suffix, not used in male society;
  • “-herself” – The greatest possible respect (“Mr.”, “Hon.”). Designed for gentlemen and deities. In modern speech it is sometimes used as sarcasm;
  • “-Senpai” – for the younger to appeal to the elder, distributed among students;
  • “-Khokha” – the opposite of “senpai”;
  • “-Sensei” – when addressing teachers, teachers, doctors, scientists, politicians and other socially respected people;
  • “-Sy” – for official letter.

Business Card Transfer

This is a ritual. Here is what you should do:

  • turn the business card “face” to the partner;
  • pass it with both hands;
  • if your status is lower than that of the partner, keep the business card lower than he;
  • if you have been given a business card, put it on a business card and admire it for a few seconds;
  • do not forget to bow;
  • If you do not have a business card, you are gone.

And so on and so forth. Not that we have – put it in your pocket, and that’s all!

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