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11 examples of advertising, the creators of which wiped his nose to all competitors

There is nothing more annoying than pervasive hype, and nothing more beautiful than an advertisement that has become a work of art. After all, there are people who are truly passionate about their work, and it is they who create a product that can not but arouse admiration.

We are in AdMe.ru made for you a selection of creations of designers and marketers who will forever change your idea of ​​advertising.

1. Giant target

Scottish beer brand skillfully took advantage of the vagaries of the weather. The creators of this advertisement have figured out how to cheer people up during the prolonged snowfall in Glasgow, and have not lost. They set a giant billboard with a target for throwing snowballs.

2. Prevention of flatfoot

Asics running sneaker advertising helps people identify their footwear type and select appropriate shoes in the store to avoid possible injuries due to unsuitable running shoes. The journal was turned using thermochromic ink. The reader simply gets on the advertising layout, and the paper changes shade under the influence of the temperature of the feet. The resulting print is compared with three schemes. For this project, the Brazilian agency Neogama even received a bronze award at the Cannes Lions festival in the Media nomination.

3. Pulse measurement

Automobile concern Toyota has created an ad that can measure the pulse of readers. The magazine was placed a unique volumetric layout. It not only imitates the opening of the car door, but also has the corresponding sound and smell of the car. Sensors are built into the pens of a paper auto, and you can see your pulse on the dashboard.

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