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11 applications that will help you learn a foreign language

To raise the level of a foreign language, you do not need a lot of money or time, you just need to have a smartphone and a craving for new knowledge.

collected for you a smartphone application that will help make the process of learning a foreign language as efficient and exciting as possible.

Click on the link after the application description to download it.

One of the most popular services for learning foreign languages ​​from scratch. There are six languages ​​to choose from: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese. The program of each course is built in the form of a tree of achievements. To move to a new level, you need to score a certain number of points, which are given for the correct answers. You can also compare your achievements with other users and share your successes on social networks.

This application has a game character. Earned points allow you to move through the levels. There is an opportunity to study words and phrases, create your own vocabulary with voice acting, train grammar, and develop skills to communicate with other users of the resource. Based on the initial test, recommendations are provided that will help to restore the gaps in knowledge identified by the test.

Parrot player

Allows you to divide any audio file, previously uploaded to the iPhone, into small excerpts for repeated repetitions. And you can choose which of the passages to include in repetition, and which is not. Very useful for working out dialogs. The interface is convenient and simple.


The program allows you to download videos from TED.com and view with subtitles simultaneously in two languages. A dictionary is automatically compiled for each word, and you can specify which online dictionary to use for translation, repeat the desired passage the necessary number of times, playback speed, and also you can add files yourself.

Learn English by Listening

Excellent audio course for beginners, it is in the network in the form of audio files and separate scripts for them. The user is invited to listen to the story in English. Articles are divided into six levels of difficulty, ranging from very easy to very difficult. When your skills improve, you can choose the next level.

This is not one, but a whole group of applications for learning languages. You can find versions of Busuu for learning English, German, French, Japanese, Spanish and Turkish. There is a separate application that deals with “English for the traveler.” All tasks in the application are divided into lessons of varying difficulty. First, the user is shown words with illustrations, then they are asked to read the text and answer questions about it, then a small written task. At each stage, the program calculates points and does not allow shalturit.

Mirai Japanese

Learn Japanese by speaking phrases. The theoretical part is based on listening to phrases and words. Each phrase and word is accompanied by an explanation in English. All words are written in Latin and hieroglyphs. Built-in English-Japanese dictionary and 2 Japanese alphabets: Hiragana and Katakana. This application is also for learning other languages.

Pleco chinese dictionary

Since Chinese is complex characters that are hard to enter, the utility offers the option of translating from a photo. It is enough to remove the Chinese text on the camera of the phone and the program will make the translation. However, if you still want to enter the hierogriffs yourself, then the dictionary has everything for full handwritten data input. In addition, the dictionary has a function with animation, which shows how to correctly draw the hieroglyphs.

Rosetta course

An ideal assistant for those who want to learn a foreign language without mechanical memorization of lexical and grammatical structures. The methodology used in the Rosetta Course application allows you to learn a language without learning the rules and performing tasks, but by forming an associative series for the user, the training is conducted in a foreign language, which greatly increases the effectiveness of the course.

Polyglot 16

This application will help you for sixteen lessons to learn the basics of the English language. With the help of the program, you can use the auxiliary table, dictionary, master various modes of memorizing text and phrases, familiarize yourself with the grammar, track the statistics of your answers, and much more.

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