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10 tricks used by marketers and economists themselves during stocks and sales

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Even for those who don’t like to shop, it’s helpful to know how to reduce expenses with simple tricks. For example, at what time of year it is worth updating your wardrobe, how to make money on old and unnecessary things, why it is more profitable to pay for purchases with a credit card and how to become the owner of the newest smartphone without becoming bankrupt for a couple of months.

We are in AdMe.ru together with Beeline, they selected a few simple and working techniques to spend less money, without denying themselves large and small pleasures.

10. Exchange the old thing for a new one with a surcharge

Many products can be purchased through the trade-in system, when the seller takes a second-hand product, and in exchange offers a new one at a lower price. So it is possible to profitably exchange an old car, household or digital equipment.

For example, in Beeline stores you can exchange an old working smartphone for a new one.

9. Make joint purchases in online stores.

Such purchases are beneficial for several reasons: free delivery for a certain amount of the order (especially important if you do not live on the 1st floor), seasonal discounts for certain categories and special prices if you buy several identical products at once, for example, a whole box of juice.

Many people prefer to buy on the Internet long-stored food in large quantities, such as water, sweets, alcohol, canned food, cereals, pasta, juices. You can team up with friends and relatives to make 1 order for 2-3 families. The same rule applies to the purchase of children’s clothing and stationery, for example, before the next school year.

8. Exchange the old stuff and just unnecessary things for a discount or gift

More and more brands are opening stores of old things in stores, rewarding them with discounts, bonuses and gifts. For example, almost any jewelry store will accept an old piece of jewelry in exchange for a new one (sometimes even at no additional cost). New books are replaced with old books, glasses, car tires, sports equipment, musical instruments and even water filters.

The largest Swedish stores operating around the world support recycling programs or donate new life to old things. Some install tanks in stores, where you can bring unwanted clothes for recycling in exchange for a coupon at a discount, others are ready to pick up something from furniture, bed linen or mattresses for transfer to low-income families or for recycling in exchange for a branded discount card.

To find out about these promotions, simply ask the seller at the checkout in your favorite store.

7. Buy with friends and family members to use bonuses from one purchase to pay another

Marketers often use promotions “2 for the price of 1” or give bonuses that can be used to pay for the next purchase, but only for a certain time. Plan joint purchases in advance to maximize the benefits of such offers.

For example, together with a friend you intend to purchase new smartphones. He buys the right model at the Beeline shop and gets bonus rubles, which you can use to buy a smartphone for yourself. Benefit up to several thousand rubles, not counting other discounts. Read more about the action here.

6. Do not miss flea market sales.

This is a good place to pay a little money for an original gift, such as an item for interior decoration, an unusual decoration, a painting, dishes, a lamp, a porcelain product or an old collection of books. Here, additional discounts are available in the last hours of the last day of sales.

5. Shop at the right time.

During certain periods, additional discounts are available in stores. This occurs at the end of the month, quarter and year, during January and August, and sometimes in the morning hours.

Season and weather can also be important allies. It is better to buy a used car when it rains: damage becomes more noticeable, you can understand how easy the car is to drive, whether something is leaking, and the seller is more willing to bring the price down.

A similar rule applies to buying or renting an apartment: in late autumn and winter, especially in windy, rainy and cold weather, it is possible to evaluate how the heating system works, whether the roof is leaking, how the wall is kept warm.

4. Sign up to collect bonuses and discounts

Many brands offer favorable conditions if you sign up for a bonus program. Often you do not need to do anything: periodically points can be awarded just like that, and at the right moment you have a substantial discount at hand.

For example, when registering in the “Crazy Days!” Bonus program, without even buying anything, you will immediately receive 1,000 bonus rubles to your account, which you can pay part of the cost of goods in the salon or on the online store website.

3. Pay for purchases with a credit card to get an additional discount.

Many online stores offer an additional discount of up to 5% if you pay for an order with a credit card directly on the site. And it stacks with others. If you are worried about the safety of personal data, use a virtual card.

2. Before buying in the online store, look for promotional codes

There are special sites that constantly collect fresh information about current promotional codes. For some you can get a discount on the purchase, for others – a nice gift or free delivery. To find the right, before making a purchase in the online store, just type in the search engine the name of the store and the word “promotional code”.

Many brands that are actively leading accounts in social networks often publish news about promotional codes and secret phrases that give a discount.

1. A new smartphone bundled with a tariff can be cheaper than without it.

For many, this is an alternative to loans: you enter into an agreement with an operator who sells you a smartphone with a tariff by installments. The first installment is small, and then every month you make a payment that covers communication costs and gradually extinguishes installments.

For example, now in Beeline, when buying a new smartphone, you can get a whole year of unlimited Internet as a gift.

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