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10 tricks to see for free the most iconic tourist destinations in Europe

When you travel around cities that are a tourist mecca, often a significant part of the budget is spent on entertainment and sightseeing.

compiled a guide on 10 beautiful tourist sites that can be visited completely free of charge.

1. Gardens and parks

The city parks of Europe – the Tuileries Gardens in Paris and Mirabell in Salzburg, the parks in Prague are the best choice for those who want to be nice spend time and not spend money.

1 time per month On a certain day, almost all museums open their doors to visitors completely free of charge.. For example, the Paris Louvre can be visited free of charge on the 1st Sunday of the month from October to March, as well as July 14th. On other days, a visit to this famous museum will cost you € 17.

In a number of museums free admission always and for all. For example, in Vienna it is the Museum of Money (Geldmuseum), MUSA (young artists of Austria show their works in the museum). In London you can visit for free The Museum of Natural Science, a collection of more than 70 million exhibits – plants, minerals, minerals and animals from around the world.

3. Viewing platforms

In European cities there are observation platforms from which you can enjoy the view of the city and its surroundings absolutely free.

For example, one of the best viewing platforms of Barcelona is considered the bunker del Carmel on top of the hill Turo de la Rovira. This is a free observation deck with a stunning view of Barcelona from either side (360º review). The site is available for visits around the clock.

Free to see Paris bird’s-eye possible, climbing the observation platforms of shopping centers “Gallery Lafayette” and “Prentan”, as well as the Institute of the Arab world. For comparison – the rise on the observation platform of the Eiffel Tower will result in € 17.

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