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10 photos behind which are heart-rending stories

In the world around us, sometimes very bad things happen that are extremely difficult to handle. And with these 10 stories we just want to remind you that all life on our planet is woven of good, and we, people, are created to be together and support each other in the most difficult moments.

We are in AdMe.ru We believe that good will triumph.

10. A woman shared a photo that shows how Alzheimer’s has changed her mother’s mind

Reddit user with her nickname wuillermania has laid out a heartbreaking photo with 14 different works that her mother crocheted. The difference between the first neat colored square and the last piece of tangled yarn is 2 years. So much time it took Alzheimer’s to completely destroy the mind of a woman.

The post instantly gained many comments: users expressed their support for the girl’s family and shared their stories about how this terrible disease affected their families.

“I want to thank you for the kind words and messages I received,” writes the author of the post in the commentary. “And I want to wish strength to those who also faced this.”

9. Designer costumes from the United States gave the butterfly the opportunity to fly

Before you die, Romi’s mother told her: “Every time you see a butterfly, know that I flew to see you.” It happened a few years ago, Romi’s mom was sick with cancer. After that, she decided that she would try to make the butterflies in this world as much as possible.

Every time she found caterpillars in her garden, she would bring them inside so that they could grow and turn into butterflies in a special aquarium. Romy was especially happy to let them go. But one day she noticed that one of her butterflies was born with a damaged wing.

“At first, I wanted to keep her so that she would not perish in the wild. But then a friend sent me a link to the instructions on how to fix the butterfly wing, ”says Romy.

It turned out to be difficult, but the girl managed to fix the wing so that the butterfly could fly away: “At some point I thought that nothing had worked out for me, the butterfly just lay on the grass. But as soon as I got closer, she flew up. ”

8. American Football Star Lunches with a Boy Other Children Avoid Due to Autism

This touching photo was shared by the boy’s mother. She writes that, despite the fact that her son is kind and sociable, other children eschew him because he has autism syndrome. Almost always he dines alone. But one day, the boy’s mother received this photo from her friend: “This is Travis Rudolph, an American football player, and he is having lunch with your son!”

The guys met, had lunch together, and then came the other players of his team to chat with the boy.

“I don’t know why you decided to have dinner with my son,” mom writes on Facebook, “but we are very grateful to you and never forget it.”

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