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10 people who work faster than I see

Each of us can accelerate if the situation requires. Deadline, for example. But there are people who do their work with lightning speed, simply because they can.

collected a video about true professionals. And at the end of the article is waiting for you a bonus that explains what our speed primarily depends on.

Exhaust noodles

To make Asian Lamian noodles (La Mian), you need to twist the dough, fold it, twist it again, and so many, many times. Even in words it is difficult, not like in reality. But true masters not only manage to stretch the dough with lightning speed, but also to dance, arranging sticky shows.

“Adam Scissorhands” is exactly what the fashion designer Adam Saaks is called for his ability to quickly turn ordinary things into designer outfits with ordinary scissors. He makes cutouts on clothes with masterly precision, and designs patterns right in the process.

What qualities does a waiter need to do a cool job? Politeness, agility and, of course, speed. And if the guy with the video took part in some competition of waiters for speed (they are held from the beginning of the 20th century in many countries), undoubtedly, he would not have left it without a prize.

The hairdresser

In the first video, the master performs his work with metal claws that were invented and patented by Valentino Losauro, a stylist with 25 years of experience. In the second video, a blade is used for the haircut, which in the hands of the master turns into something magical.

High speed feeder

In the photo and video Matt Stoney – champion in speed eating food. The guy regularly pleases his fans with new records: 255 marshmallow bunnies, 182 slices of bacon (2.5 kg), 4 hamburger + 4 milkshakes + 4 large portions of french fries. And all this in 5 minutes! But the magic for us lies in the other: how can a guy manage to keep his weight no more than 60 kg?

The man who puts the seal

It is said that monotonous actions calm and help to put thoughts in order. We do not know whether this rule affects the girl who puts the seals, but from the contemplation of this occupation, there is a certain lulling effect.

Cutting vegetables

But the skills of these people cause a slight envy, because with them you can significantly reduce the time we spend in the kitchen. Just see how skillfully they wield a knife, especially a woman who cuts mushrooms.

Money account

To learn how to count money, you need good flexibility of fingers. And, actually, the money itself. It is only necessary to decide what to do in the first place – to develop flexibility or to earn cash.

Meet Isao Macia – the fastest samurai in the world. In the first video, the master sets one of four records that hit the Guinness Book of Records – cuts a bullet flying at a speed of 320 km / h. Based on the skills of a samurai, the Japanese company developed a robot, which, like its prototype, shows excellent results in owning a katana (combat sword).

Walking on water

Buddhist monks are famous for their unusual skills. For example, in the video – Shaolin monk Shi Lilyan. He sets world records for water running: first 118 m, after a year – 125 m. A monk runs not by the water surface, but by small planks that float on the surface. According to Shi Lilyan, his main secret is quick small steps at his fingertips.

And in what situations did you have to develop lightning speed? Tell us about it in the comments.

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