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10 French romantic comedies for a leisurely weekend

Well, who else can so sincerely tell about love, adding a touch of irony, if not the French?

I found several films made in the country of cheese, wine and love, which will help to spend a quiet home weekend and not die of boredom. Light comedies with a romantic slant will definitely give you a great mood.

Paris, I love you

Several touching love stories in one film, directed by directors from around the world. All the novels are devoted to the most vivid feeling, originated in one of the most beautiful cities in the world – Paris. 18 short narratives will definitely appeal to those who are looking for original scenes, high-class acting and sincere feelings in films.

The main character, Alex, makes a living by breaking couples in love with her sister and her husband. They have a credo – to interfere only in a weak, disharmonious relationship. One day, the hero retreats from this rule and decides to intervene in the relationship of the perfect couple – Juliette and Jonathan.

On the other side of the bed

De l’autre côte du lit

Ariadne and Hugo are spouses with 10 years of marriage. The offenses accumulated during their joint life do not make them feel happy. In order to save the family, you need to do something. And the characters decide to switch places. Now the wife controls the construction company, and the husband is involved in housekeeping and raising children.

pretend to be my boyfriend

The life of the main character is a job and a daughter. She does everything in order to achieve the position of the chief editor of a glossy magazine. The only thing that separates her from the fulfillment of a dream is that the boss considers this position worthy only of a more adventurous person. Rumors about the heroine’s romance with a 20-year-old boy accidentally fly away. That is what allows her to get the desired position. But it seems that the young man truly falls in love.

Love without transfers

The main characters – the womanizer Antoine and the perfect girlfriend Julie – not for long, but they are rapidly meeting and just as rapidly parting. Three years later, life confronts them in an airplane. They find themselves in the next chairs. Julie is lying to the former about the upcoming wedding, and Antoine is trying to dissuade the girl from this step. During a strong shaking, fearing for their lives, they confess their love to each other.

Random romance

De vrais mensonges

The main character wants to help her mother, the owner of a beauty salon, who is depressed after a break with her husband. Once a girl receives an anonymous letter with a love confession. And her plan is ripening – to change her name in the name of the mother. The plan works, and she has to not only write love messages, but also look for someone who can become a passionate author.

Anonymous romance

Les émotifs anonymes

Confectioner Jean-Rene and his collaborator Angelica are perfect for each other. They have very similar tastes – chocolate, romantic music and walks in Paris. The only reason why they are not together is their pathological shyness, which does not allow making a step towards each other.

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