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10 films that will surprise even the most experienced viewer

Life is full of colors and unexpected turns. Who is the author of these vivid scenes? It seems that most often – the people themselves. And all people, besides talent, are measured from above more and character. Therefore, when fate invites any of us to solve the problem, everyone does it in his own way. And sometimes the decisions and actions of some of us are quite surprising.

Team AdMe.ru invites you to the world where subtle feelings, sincere emotions and unusual actions rule the ball.

I would be in heaven

Is life a success or not? Everyone puts something into this concept. And if for some loneliness is a drama, then for others it is freedom and a vital necessity. Experienced lawyer Ryan Bingham spends most of his life on business trips. He excelled in the professional field, and in his personal life everything happens according to the “one night” scheme. Hotel suites, rented cars, endless line of messages on an answering machine, and flights, flights. A person is accustomed to where he most often is. And for Ryan, this place is heaven.

One day, “King of the Sun” Louis XIV with the queen and numerous retinue plans to visit the castle of Prince Conde. This is an unprecedented honor! But the prince needs to meet the monarch with all the pomp. How to be? One hope is his faithful butler Vatel, who has a gift on the part of enchanting amusements. And the action begins: hundreds of servants work, carts with products and materials travel. The meeting will be unforgettable. But the “web” of palace and love intrigue is fraught with danger. This film will bring pleasure to the true aesthetes. Everything is important in it – colors, forms, feelings.

My old lady

Someone else’s soul is dark. But in life often there are circumstances that make it possible to shed light on long-standing secrets. The American, who received the inheritance in Paris, happily anticipates a profitable sale of a house in the center. Only there is a small nuance – one honorable lady lives there. As you know, a good wine reveals its taste gradually. This film will also amaze you slowly. And if you have already lost faith in sincere human relations, then this kind film will convince you of another. By the way, the hapless hero is played by Kevin Kline.

Wherever you are

This Must Be the Place

This controversial comedy drama raises serious topics. The 1980s rock star leaves the stage and leads a secluded life in a huge mansion in Ireland with his wife. One day he is informed that his father, who lived in New York, has died. The pope was a prisoner of Auschwitz, and in his will – a request to complete his life’s work: to find and punish the Nazi executioner. Maybe just forget about the past? But not the character of the main character, played by Sean Penn. He fulfills the request of his father and sets off on a journey where he is destined more than once to get into funny situations.

It so happened that the children grow up and leave their native nest. Widowed pensioner Frank is trying to traditionally gather four children at the holiday table. Sons and daughters are very busy, and he knows so little about their lives. What if children can’t come to dad? There is an exit. Dad goes to them himself. New York, Chicago, Denver, Las Vegas. In this spontaneous trip, the hero Robert De Niro finds out a lot of interesting things. A wonderful film-journey about relationships, about the actions of a person in the proposed circumstances.

Smoke here

Thank You for Smoking

This movie is as unexpected as the title. Nick Taylor is lobbying tobacco smoking, promoting cigarettes to the movies and leading ardent discussions on talk shows. This is his work, and he succeeded in it. True, Nick himself never considered smoking useful, but you need to raise a son. What is good and what is bad”? This dramatic comedy raises precisely these eternal questions from the old nursery rhyme. At the same time, the most observant viewers say that during the entire film no one lit a cigarette.

Once upon a time there was a lonely writer Theodore, who didn’t really get along with the outside world. Then one day he bought an innovative computer program with intelligence and even “intuition.” And everything changed in a jiffy. It is also worth noting the entourage of the near future: the interior, clothing, hairstyles – a beautiful world, reminiscent of the 1950s. Such films should not be missed if you like the unusual relationships of the characters, the variety of the plot and the lyrics.

Flap wings moth

Le Battement d’ailes du papillon

The world is full of binding threads. And if you want to find the key to luck, you will have to take part in this “game”. Young woman Irene (Audrey Tautou) dreams of simple happiness. Therefore, any sign, even a funny astrological forecast, read by a stranger on the subway, seems momentous. But life has its own reality. Perhaps the old man offering to buy a raincoat was right? “Good luck can not buy.” It is rather curious to observe how the domino effect works in this charming French comedy.

The chain of chronic failures was supposed to break. Heaven sent director Viktor Taransky a chance. And this chance was very unusual. Filming of the film is in jeopardy: the leading lady refused to act. At the critical moment, the director replaces her with a beautiful blonde named SimOna – a digital actress created on a computer. However, everyone takes her for a living girl. And then comes a sudden success. Should I reveal a secret? By the way, the unsurpassed Al Pacino played the main character of this tragicomedy.

In Hawaii, the clouds do not go gloomily. And here, according to old beliefs, dwells “mana” – the all-encompassing power of life. Incredible events unfolding at a military base. 37-year-old weapons consultant Brown is again involved in a complex operation. Millionaire Carson wants him to control the launch of a spy satellite. And the general (Alec Baldwin) assigned an assistant to Brian – the female pilot Tracy, who has a special relationship with Hawaiian traditions. This unusual, kind and bright film will quietly give you a good mood.

On the preview of the frame from the film “Simon”: New Line Cinema

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