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10 films that every woman will cry out in secret

There are films that are touching or incredibly tragic turns that make any woman feel deeply moved. In such cases, even the strongest and most serious ladies quietly wipe their eyes with a handkerchief, because they can not but empathize with the main characters.

I have collected 10 strong films for you, which you should be given out in packing for paper napkins in cinemas with tickets.

New York of the 50s, a young girl Teresa falls in love with Carol, a dazzling mature woman, languishing in an unhappy marriage with a man whom she no longer loves. Will they be able to surrender to the forbidden feeling, contrary to the prejudices of a cruel society? Striking film that touches the most delicate strings of the soul.

Bright Star

This is the story of the famous English poet John Keats, who died at the age of 25 from consumption. The last 3 years, the vital forces gradually left John, and that was when his romantic relationship with the girl Fannie Brown began. The film turned out surprisingly sensual and tragic. Despite the horror of death, he, like the poet himself, sings the only thing that a person can oppose to her – sincere love.

My king

Tony and Giorgio together for 10 years. Their relationship was filled with reckless happiness and burning jealousy. And now Tony is plagued by doubts. How well does she know this person, can she believe him? A deep, powerful film about the evolution of the relationship between a man and a woman. Watching the life of these guys is the same as riding a roller coaster: emotions just beat over the edge.

Long road

The longest ride

Luke, the champion in rodeo, wants to return to the sport, while Sofia receives a job offer in the arts in New York. Young people have the most difficult choice in their lives: between love and dreams. Then fate confronts them with old Ira. His memories of his wife, with whom he lived half a century, are pushing Luke and Sophia to a decision that will change their lives. A touching story from Nicholas Sparks – masters to awaken the best feelings in the hearts of viewers and readers.

Girl from Denmark

The danish girl

This is the story of the first person who underwent a surgical correction of the floor. Einar Wegener always felt that something was wrong in his life, but he fully realized that it was when he posed for his wife the artist as a female model. Then the brave Lily Elbe appeared, who went through all the horrors to become one whom nature did not make her. A touching, dramatic, complex film with the coolest actors.

Two in the universe

A scientist named Ed and his student Amy study string theory, the Universe, and parallel worlds together. They seem to be made for each other, their feelings do not know boundaries and conventions. However, Ed suddenly disappears, leaving only messages for his beloved. The film makes you think about many difficult, but very important things. The background to the story is the endless expanse of the universe and the divine music of Ennio Morricone.

In 1942, Canadian spy Max went on a dangerous mission to North Africa. There he meets a member of the French resistance, the beautiful Marianne. Between them flares a strong feeling, which is facing the most difficult test – the test of truth. The love story between the main characters leaves an indelible impression, I want to remember it again and again, along with the beautiful scenes of this worthy creation of Robert Zemeckis.

In the world of “equal” no feelings and emotions. In an ideal society, all people work as a harmonious mechanism in which each screw knows its place. But sometimes it fails, and “infected” emotions fall in love. It is this fate that befell Silas and Miyu. They find themselves outside the system and are now forced to find a way to survive. The film is about love and sacrifices, which we are ready to make for the sake of it, despite all society, common sense and the instinct of self-preservation.

Paper cities

Kew since childhood, in love with his charming neighbor Margot. And when one night she invites Q to help in a “punitive operation” against her offenders, he agrees without hesitation. Only here in the morning, immediately after their night adventure, Q learns that Margot has disappeared. In her secret messages, the guy must understand what happened to the girl of his dreams. This film adaptation of the book of the same name by John Green, the author of the novel “The Guilty Stars”, will not leave you indifferent.

Valley of love

Isabelle and Gerard have not communicated for several years, but the strange and tragic coincidence of circumstances brings them together again in Death Valley in California. They were invited there in his message by the son Michael, who committed suicide six months ago. Of course, the parents could not refuse the son in the last request. This thin, psychological film is about forgiveness, humility and the resurrection of love. “The Valley of Love” – ​​a real gift for fans of French cinema.

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