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10 films that every woman should enjoy alone

There are pictures that are worth seeing for every woman. Some of them are dreamy, others are light and funny, and still others make you feel a little sad. But the main thing is that all these films are united by the fact that they are multifaceted and unpredictable, just like the beautiful half of humanity itself.

collected films that carry valuable life lessons. Just try to put everything off for a while and feel their atmosphere alone with you.

What do women desire

What Women Want

Nick Marshall, a narcissistic playboy from Chicago, as a result of an accident, receives a unique gift: he can now read women’s thoughts. Realizing this ability, he begins to use it successfully both in love affairs and in business. Diving deeper into female psychology, he begins to better understand girls and even sympathize with them.

If mother-in-law is a monster

Smart and charming girl Charlie has long been desperate to find her prince. But now she meets Kevin – a caring and successful young man who also falls in love with her at first sight. And everything would be fine – their relationship is perfect, he even makes her an offer – but then his mother comes into play, trying in every way to discourage Charlie from wanting to be with her son.


Sam and Molly return home late in the evening, but a robber overtakes them on a dark alley. Sam dies, but his soul is not sent to the next world, and he continues to walk next to his beloved ghost. So he learns that the incident was rigged and now Molly is also in danger of which he cannot warn her. In search of a solution, he comes to the medium Ode Mae, who is extremely unsure of herself and very eccentric.

Brutal games

Sebastian knows the sweet taste of easy victories. In his hands – other people’s secrets and the keys to the impregnable bedrooms. Catherine is tired of simple intrigues and banal confessions. Then the modern Casanova and the bored beauty come up with new entertainment for themselves, resembling a cruel game, in which the poor victim gets involved.

Cecile Bussy is a real nerd. While her contemporaries fool men’s heads and have fun at discos, she studies anthropology and writes doctoral ones. Acquaintance with the luxurious and silly girl Alex prompts her to write a paper dedicated to modern “predators”. For this, she herself joins the world of beauties, completely transforming herself externally, but not expecting that this will lead to internal changes.

Another of the Boleyn

The other boleyn girl

Anna and Maria Boleyn fall victim to the blind ambitions of their father. King Henry VIII arrives at the manor to them, and his father intends to become closer to the sovereign by all means, which is why he tells his daughters to be extremely helpful with him. As a result, Mary and the king fall in love with each other, but Anna does not like it. Both sisters will share a bed with him, but only one of them is destined to ascend the throne for a brief reign.

Dear John

Savannah and John love each other with tender love. But John went to the army, and they have only one way to recall their feelings – these are letters, an important source of joy and hope in the war. But one day they begin to drift away, when, contrary to their promises to return and marry a girl, John remains in the army longer than he was going to, and letters from Savannah begin to come less and less. What will be the outcome of this relationship?

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