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10 films of the legendary Luc Besson

Luc Besson is a filmmaker who brought French cinema to a new level. Thanks to him, we heard the magnificent singing of unearthly Plavalaguna. He revealed to us the talents of the young Natalie Portman and the beautiful Milla Jovovich. This director combines the incompatible, loves to experiment and does not lose grip.

Today, Luc Besson celebrates his birthday, and AdMe.ru offers to recall the most vivid of his film work.

Fifth Element

The Fifth Element, 1997

© Sony Pictures Entertainment

The classic battle of good and evil, however, in the XXIII century. Korben Dallas, a former soldier, and now a taxi driver, is confronted with a very unusual fellow traveler – not only has she fallen into his car from the sky and speaks in a completely unfamiliar language, so also she is haunted by all the police in the city. How not to help the beauty with a shock of red hair, even if then you will not end up in adventure?

Extraordinary Adventures Adele

Les aventures extraordinaires d’Adèle Blanc-Sec, 2010

Adele Blank-Seth – a girl is not easy. She writes adventure novels, goes to a hot desert in search of an ancient mummy, is not afraid of revived prehistoric animals, and accepts the courtship of numerous admirers. The popular graphic novel by Jacques Tardi was so much liked by the maestro Besson that he brought the beautiful Adele into the world of cinema.

A girl named Nikita can not boast of exemplary behavior and dignified life. She is a drug addict and her friends are gangsters. Having got into a serious mess and having lost his buddies on the “battlefield”, Nikita finds himself behind bars. However, fate gives her a second chance. There is a choice before it – either it will cooperate with intelligence, or it may forget about its existence.

If a person is preparing to jump from a bridge, then he really does not see the point in his life. And here on the bridge is a 28-year-old Andre, who is ready to be torn apart by various gangsters of the city of Paris. To each of them he owes a decent amount of money. There is no way out – you need to jump. However, Andre is not alone – a blond beauty rushes into the water, ahead of the debtor. It is necessary to save her, and who is she to part with life?

Lucy girl would never have thought how her Taipei city would change. Having decided, at the request of a friend, to transfer a regular case to some person, Lucy falls into the hands of the Korean mafia. In the case are hard drugs, and Lucy becomes a “vessel” for their transportation. It is terrible to think what can happen if the package breaks, but this happens and the girl turns into a real walking machine.

The movie “Underground” was the third directorial work of Luc Besson and brought him the most widespread recognition. The protagonist named Fred is a thief and adventurer. At one of the parties, he kidnaps a folder with valuable documents from home, with which he easily begins to blackmail beautiful Helena. Fleeing from the gang of thugs, which Helena’s companion sent for him, Fred hides in the subway and enters a completely different world – the world of the underground. Here he finds many talented and unusual characters who are more interested in creating under the ground, far from the crowd of people.

The Manzoni family, whose head is Mafiosi Giovanni, is under a witness protection program. They move to Normandy, where they are quiet, comfortable and peaceful and are trying to integrate into everyday life in a new place. However, enemies are scouring and waiting for revenge, but the family is sacred, and there is nothing stronger than a united family.

A strong woman is one of the main characters in all the films of Luc Besson. He dedicated the film “Lady” to Aung San Suu Kyi, daughter of the murdered independence movement leader Aung San. After the murder of his father, matured Aun moved to England, marries and raises two wonderful sons. Having decided to visit his mother in his homeland, Aun once again plunges into his former life, and his father’s strength and power in the struggle for democracy raise a wave of memories in Aun and kindle a desire to fight for his people.

© Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

“Leon” – a cult picture with Jean Reno, Natalie Portman and Gary Oldman in the lead roles. Leon is a professional killer who has no emotions towards people. He gives all his love to old films and indoor flowers. Leon’s life changes abruptly when he has to shelter the girl Matilda in her bachelor lair. She is the daughter of neighbors who were brutally murdered. Leon is at a loss – he is used to working with people, but not living.

Joan of Arc

The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc, 1999

© Columbia Pictures, Inc.

“Joan of Arc” is one of the most powerful epic films by Luc Besson. In it, he without embellishment tells about the life of the national French heroine. Brave and courageous, this woman commanded the French troops in the Hundred Years War and zealously defended the honor of her people. In the role of Jeanne acted as an actress Milla Jovovich, who a couple of years before the release of this picture starred in the action movie Besson “The Fifth Element”.

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