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10 films for those who think that everything has been revised

Often in the evenings after work, we catch ourselves thinking that we have absolutely nothing to see: the long-awaited premieres have not yet come out, and our favorite films have become worse than a hackneyed record. If you like the passion you want to pass the time watching new, unusual and damn exciting films – this selection is just made for you.

presents to your attention 10 unbanal and very different films, which in two accounts are finished with boredom and will give you a sea of ​​new impressions.

1. Character (Stranger than Fiction)

The life of Harold, the tax inspector, is so ordinary and boring that he can even reduce his teeth. But once the invisible “script writer” decides to radically change the plot, and our hero begins to hear a voice in his head. The psychotherapist makes a diagnosis of schizophrenia, but Harold is sure that something else is happening to him, something out of the ordinary.

A light, pleasant film with an interesting philosophy and an unobtrusive call to lift the ass off the couch and finally start writing the script for your life.

2. The Story (The Tale)

Jennifer, a successful journalist, receives a wake-up call from an elderly mother who has found her daughter’s children’s story. In her early childhood, the heroine became a victim of violence, but she wanted to forget about it by inventing an alternative and less traumatic story. When the truth came out, Jenn had to face the chilling memories.

A bold, emotional, very personal film to watch alone. Beware: the picture awakens strong feelings and makes you think about acute social problems.

3. Ashore (On Chesil Beach)

We find the newlyweds Edward and Florence in a hotel room located on the beach. Lovers are nervous before the wedding night, because education and banal modesty prevent them from freely discussing desires and fears. The problem that has arisen between young people seems to the viewer to be so contrived and insignificant that it is difficult to believe what serious consequences it will eventually lead to.

Piercing, emotionally frank melodrama, based on the novel of the same name by Briton Ian McEwan, who gave us the shocking “Atonement”. Definitely recommended for viewing.

4. Frequently Asked Questions about Time Travel

Intimate friends sip a beer in a bar. One of them accidentally stumbles upon a nice girl who claims to have come from the future and is simply in awe of our hero, because he will soon become incredibly famous. The guy thinks all this is a silly joke, but everything changes when friends experience the danger of time travel in their own skin.

British humor, a bit of science fiction and a sea of ​​mischief. Gorgeous comedy for fans of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” and “Zombie named Sean.”

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