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10 films for those who are still far from vacation

Summer is a time of new adventures and discoveries, when you can finally take a break from the cold winter days and bask in the sun. However, the situations are different, and if you now can not go somewhere or you had to transfer your vacation, do not despair.

collected 10 films soaked in summer heat, fun and stunning stories.

And your mom too

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Two very cute, adventurous Mexicans get into an old car, take their familiar girl with a broken heart and drive to the sea. On the way, young people quarrel, fall in love, chat, have sex, dance and eventually dive into the turquoise waves of the Caribbean. The film “And Your Mother, too” – a frank story of growing up and love, which flows against the background of incredibly colorful landscapes of Mexico.

Three plus two

Three friends – a veterinarian, a future diplomat and a physicist – have planned their vacation on the Black Sea away from the bustle of the city. The rules were adopted: no novels, no shave, no drinking, no smoking. Severe male life. Almost a Robinson. And then they came. Two beautiful ladies on the tiny “Zaporozhets”. And the plans flew to hell.

The main characters enjoy their vacation in the Crimea: they have not been students for a long time and could afford to relax on an “all inclusive” system. However, they all want to remember how it happens when nobody cares how much money you have in your pocket and what position you hold. Only one thing is important – to have fun, in complete oblivion from working everyday life.

During his trip to Thailand, a young American, Richard, learned about a mysterious island, which is wonderful, like in paradise. He decided to go to this place, taking with him new friends. And at first, everything seems to be like a fairy tale: a corner is truly a paradise, only now, by becoming an accidental witness of unauthorized actions on the island, you can become food for fish.

Sunny holidays

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Sisters Olsen, similar as two drops of water, go on an unforgettable vacation to the sea. And they will not miss their, so that the rest will pass brightly: with riding on the waves, flirting and first love. Of course, not without pleasant adventures. In this film, the twins will just have fun and enjoy life.

Blue Wave

Annie lives in a beach house in Hawaii. During the day, she and her friends work as a maid in a luxury hotel, and during the rest of the time she is actively surfing. A stunningly beautiful film with incredible underwater shots. As if the viewer finds himself inside a giant wave and can feel the whole essence of surfing from the inside.

The protagonist of the film “Eurotrip” American Scott is looking for a teacher who can pull him up in the German language, and finds a charming blonde from Germany, who immediately invites him to visit. Journey of Scott and his friends through London, Paris and Amsterdam to Berlin to his beloved promises not to do without adventures. This film is a must-see for anyone who has long dreamed of seeing Europe with a backpack and a cheerful company of friends.

© Internationale Filmproduktion Richter

Again the sea, the sun, the beach, beautiful actors + boat rides, landscapes of Greece, and all this to the sound of the wonderful songs of the Swedish group ABBA. Music, dancing, love, incidents, wedding – another option for a perfect holiday.

Hotel “Marigold”: Best of Exotic

If you are in old age, but still young at heart, why not take a wave somewhere in India, as did the heroes of the British hit. Colorful atmosphere, unusual for residents of Albion, the atmosphere and new love.

On the sidelines

© Fox Searchlight Pictures

A failed writer and a quietly drinking drunk school teacher of literature, Miles Raymond, takes his best friend, released to the run of actor Jack, on a trip to California wineries. Jack needs to relax, because he has a wedding scheduled in a week. Two “losers” could not have imagined what awaits them ahead and how much this week will change their lives.

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