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10 films based on psychoanalysis

If you like to study the secret nooks of the human soul; search for characters in deeds, dreams and even unintentional phrases; after all, if you like to delve into yourself, then films with deep psychoanalysis are yours.

prepared a selection of 10 films for fans of Uncle Freud.

Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange

“Clockwork Orange” by Stanley Kubrick – perhaps this is the most vivid example of human behavior. The film is definitely not for the faint of heart people. It explores the phenomenon of cruelty, its very nature. The main character is a person with antisocial personality disorder. And how does the government decide to cure this anti-socialism?

Where the monsters live

Where the wild things are

This is a real film-manual for child psychologists, teachers and young parents. It is positioned as a children’s film, but the children in this film have nothing to catch. It will be interesting to see for those who want to see a picture that makes us think about the relationship between people, about hidden thoughts, our subconscious, as the monsters in dreams are a reflection of ourselves, these are our own experiences.

The Science of Sleep

A dream is a distorted expression of our unconscious. So, the dreams of the main characters, which are often mixed with reality, show what is actually hidden in their minds. What was once forgotten now appears again for each of them. Have you thought about your dreams?

Black Swan

This is a real lesson film for all parents. The desire of the mother, who never became a prima in the ballet, to make a star out of her daughter leads to a terrifying result. Of course, the child only remains to meet the expectations of the mother. The heroine is constantly waiting for evaluation and recognition of others. Like all the paintings of Aranofsky, the film keeps in suspense from the very beginning, and you watch the final credits simply in shock, sitting silently in front of the screen.

In this film, the viewer sees a fascinating and at the same time frightening picture of how life collapses and re-creates. It tells about a famous actress who suddenly stops talking right during the performance and has not spoken to anyone since. At the hospital, it turns out that she is mentally healthy. The film can be confusing, but at the same time become a catalyst for deep introspection.

Trilogy “Paradise”

The paradise trilogy

This film consists of three films about the personal life of three women: “Love”, “Faith” and “Hope”. From the Freudian point of view, the “Paradise” trilogy is the top of our today’s list, if we consider it from the side of the relationship between nature and man. Each heroine here leads an internal struggle with an unsolved problem in the past, which is known only to her. We think that every person has more than one such problem.


This is the story of a poor girl who experienced domestic violence by a stepfather or father as a child – the Freudian theme itself. Already in her adult state, she does not want to communicate with people, she is afraid to leave the house; she wants to love, but at the same time she has a completely understandable and uncontrollable aversion to the opposite sex. This is how non-human men can ruin not just a girl’s honor, but life.

In art, the theme of twins is quite common, as it is very interesting from a psychological point of view. A person begins to feel the presence in himself of some other person who, as a rule, embodies what is called the dark side of the soul, what is customary to hide deep inside. This is exactly what happens in this peculiar adaptation of Dostoevsky’s novel of the same name.

“Shame” is a provocative film about sex addiction, apathy and fatigue. Fatigue from everything: from life, from human relations, predictable and often humiliating with all their quarrels and reconciliations, from working in a boxed utilitarian office, in which they do nothing and say nothing. The picture will certainly make you analyze your life.

Something is wrong with Kevin.

We Need to Talk about Kevin

“Something is wrong with Kevin” is a sharp social drama about the relationship between mother and son. When the child of the protagonist is born, the first thing that comes before his eyes is his mother’s devastated, lost look. This is the mood of the mother and determines the further horrific relationship with the son. No matter how much the world community opposes abortion, but when a woman gives birth to an unloved child, it is a million times worse.

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