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10 films about women who have become successful no matter what

To achieve tremendous success, you need to work hard and hard. And women, as we know, besides the main work, you also need to cook food, do lessons with children, and talk heart to heart with your husband. But the fair sex can combine both family life and an excellent career, and many become successful in spite of everything.

collected for you films about women who believed in themselves and achieved success in defiance of all difficulties.

This is a story about a girl who, despite all the difficulties, has become a successful business woman. Since childhood, the main character loved to invent various things, and as she herself believed, they would bring her fame. Over time, Joy’s life only became more complicated. She became a single mother and got a dislike for work that did not even bring her income. But all these difficulties only hardened the character of the girl, and once Joy realized that she herself was the creator of her own happiness.

Julie and Julia: Cooking happiness with a recipe

Julie Paul is a young woman who works as an operator in a call center and writes a book in her free time. Together with her husband, they move to a new home, and Julie takes along Julie Child’s culinary book. Very soon, Julie finds herself an exciting activity: during the year she decides to cook 524 dishes according to Julia’s recipes. All the victories and defeats on the culinary front the girl decided to describe in her own blog.

Blonde in law

El Woods has everything that most girls dream about: she is beautiful and the president of a university women’s club, but the main thing is that sooner or later she will marry her boyfriend – the best guy in the university. As it turned out, the guy has other plans: he wants to go to Harvard and find a smarter wife. Having suffered a little in its beloved, El decides to prove to everyone what it is worth, and. enters Harvard Law School.

In a small provincial town has long been a way of life. Local women follow strict rules and obey the priest in everything. But their life begins to change with the advent of the amazing woman Vienn. She opens an unusual chocolate shop, having been in which, people again and again succumb to the sweet charm. This movie teaches us that we need to live the way you want, and not others.


The enterprising typist Tess McGill dreams of a dizzying career, but there are obstacles to the realization of a dream – she does not know how to dress, cut her hair and communicate with new people. But one day luck knocked on her door – she was given a chance to play the role of leader. Even realizing that Tess goes to her goal, she loses much of her dear past life.

I don’t know how she does it.

I Don’t Know How She Does It

Kate is a stock manager and a mother of two. She, like many women, knows how to do a hundred things at the same time: change diapers, sell and buy stocks, sort out relationships with her husband, etc. Her life is a series of funny, awkward and ridiculous situations that she constantly gets into trying to squeeze two lives in one. A cheerful and kind film that shows all moms that they are real heroes.

Jules Austin is a successful woman who was able to start an online fashion company. At first, everything was fine, her business grew and bore fruit, but soon investors decided that Jules needed a little rest, and offered her to look for a new head of the company. But Jules will stop at nothing, especially when there is such an assistant as Ben Whitaker – a wise 70-year-old trainee.

Erin Brockovich

This is a story about Erin Brokovich, a lonely woman with three children, whom life rarely indulged in bright days. She set herself the goal of becoming a successful lawyer and found work in a small law firm. But for a self-confident beauty who is not shy in expressions, one tiny chance is enough to radically change her destiny. She took up the case, which received great publicity, and now she will need incredible determination to bring this case to court.

Good morning

When television producer Becky Fuller is fired from a local news program, her career becomes as hopeless as her personal life. Having settled in a third-rate morning show, Becky decides to make him popular at the expense of the legendary presenter Mike Pomeroy. But he turns out to be a man of character and constantly curses with his co-host Colin Peck. Soon Becky has to fight for the work, reputation and fate of the show.

Devil wears prada

The devil wears prada

Provincial girl Andy dreams of becoming a journalist and by the will of fate gets the position of assistant to the all-powerful Miranda Priestly, the despotic editor of one of the largest New York fashion magazines. Despite all the difficulties, Andy changes beyond recognition and becomes an indispensable lifesaver for his supervisor.

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