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10 films about which secret meaning you did not guess

Like literature, cinema sometimes carries a much greater sense than we see with the naked eye. Script writers and directors often do not just show the story with a beautiful picture, but also put an implicit but deep subtext into it to tell about a certain philosophical, historical or social problem.

I found the most famous films, which probably tell a little about something else than it seems at first glance.

“Start” – the process of creating a movie

The movie “The Beginning” is a metaphor of the film making process. Each hero of the “dream team” has its own role, which corresponds to the duties of specific members of the film crew: Ames (Tom Hardy) is an actor who easily changes appearances; Ariadne (Ellen Page) – creates scripts of dreams; Saito (Ken Watanabe) – the general director of the studio, paying for the whole project; Yusuf (Dilip Rao) is responsible for special effects; Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levit) is the production designer who delivers his ideas, and Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) the director is the only person who sees how all this should look at the end. The task of the whole team at the same time – to engender some idea in the head of a person. Is the cinema as such a problem?

“The Matrix” – conspiracy theory

“The Matrix” is a film with the most various interpretations. It is simply overflowing with symbolism and countless signs, ranging from the rabbit from “Alice in Wonderland” to hints of a Masonic conspiracy. Each of the theories of the explanation of the deep meaning of the film requires a long parsing, we will write only one fact, which is the most mysterious in this picture: this is Neo’s passport. More precisely, its expiration date is September 11, 2001. Recall that the film was released in rent in March 1999. A simple coincidence, or indeed some kind of conspiracy – we can only guess.

“Spiderman” – puberty

The reason for the incredible popularity of “Spider-Man” is simple: the fact is that each of us went through this story of Peter Parker, though not in such an exaggerated and theatrical way. The film shows a sharp “transformation” of a teenager – it is a metaphorical depiction of puberty. The hero notices physiological changes in himself. He is frightened by them, and his relatives are worried about his condition. He ineptly copes with the new opportunities, but still this is a new stage that will radically change his life.

“X-Men” – the struggle for civil rights

In the first scenario, “X-Men”, which was written in the 60s, the struggle for the civil rights of certain segments of society was invested in the meaning of the film. In the two thousandth this problem became irrelevant, but the protection of the rights of sexual minorities came to the fore. After this version, the slogans against the mutants “We must save our children!” Sound differently, the phrases of the public “Soon the mutants will become full members of our society” or the questions “And when did you understand this for the first time?”

“Groundhog Day” – the achievement of enlightenment

Let us recall the plot: the main character of the film lives the same day many times until it understands the meaning of everything that happens and thereby opens this time loop. It is a bit like the philosophy of Buddhism: with each new day, as if with each new life, the hero gets closer to Enlightenment and eventually reaches it.

“The Lord of the Rings” – the establishment of a totalitarian regime

The Lord of the Rings is an epic that also has an incredible amount of interpretations. Someone sees in this film a direct reference to the First World War, someone associates it with the history of relations of Western and Eastern civilizations, many recall ancient myths about good and evil. But one of the most curious details is the all-seeing Eye of Sauron – the embodiment of absolute evil, which is located at the top of the castle tower. Many draw a parallel with the Masonic mark of the eye in the pyramid, which, for example, can also be seen on the one-dollar bill of the USA with the inscription “New World Order”. Or in the image of Big Brother from the famous “1984”. In any case, this Eye represents the pinnacle of the management machine that is trying to create a world totalitarian order. Order based on violence and fear.

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