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10 films about the intricacies of modern relationships

In our crazy world, relations between people, perhaps, go through the most strange metamorphosis. Sex has ceased to be an indicator of intimacy, and now it is easier to meet on the Internet than on the street. How to understand and not get confused in all this?

I have collected 10 films for you that will tell you how not to get lost and find your place in the difficult world of modern relations.

And yet Laurence

Laurence is a 35-year-old college teacher who lives happily with his girlfriend Fred. They are very close, I can even say – soul mates, that is why Laurence’s words that he decided to change his sex turn out to be so shocking for Fred.

Kids okay

The kids are all right

The story of a little family in which two “moms” Nick and Jules raise two teenage children who were born by artificial insemination. One of the offspring wants to track down their biological father. As a result, the acquaintance of children with their parents, and the acquaintance of the parents themselves, turns into a succession of absurd, ridiculous, and sometimes sad situations.

My best lover

23-year-old artist Dave falls in love with 37-year-old Rafi, who is trying to sort out this difficult situation for her with the help of her psychotherapist Lisa. Too worried about her age difference. The psychotherapist convinces Rafi that you just need to have fun and try to enjoy the novel. However, everything changes when Lisa learns that love is with Rafi and her own son.

Passion Don Juan

John Martello everything is subject to strict order. Every weekend he goes to Mass, repenting of his sins. But no proximity is comparable to him with the pleasure that he gets in front of a computer while watching adult films. He sincerely tries to change for the sake of that which seems to him the love of his life, but he suffers one wreck after another, receiving a lesson in life and love.

Love rosie

Rosie and Alex were best friends since childhood and now, after graduating from school, are going together to continue their studies at university. However, a sharp turn occurs in their fates, when after a night with the star of school, Rosie learns that she will have a child. Circumstances separate heroes, but even after years they continue to remember each other and the feeling that united them in their youth.

Last five years

The last five years

A romantic musical comedy about the love of talented writer Jamie and aspiring actress Katie. Talking about their relationships, young people are trying to understand what led them to parting and whether something can be corrected.

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