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10 films about love, scenarios for which are written by life itself (The couple, who herself took the tape about themselves, are especially good)

When reviewing another film about all-forgiving and all-consuming love, it is sometimes difficult to believe that such events and feelings could happen in ordinary life. And yet “love as in the movies” is not always invented, but, on the contrary, sometimes based on the most real events.

Unfortunately, not all beautiful stories are destined to end with a happy ending. However, this does not underestimate their enchantment.

made a selection of sentimental films about the most wonderful feeling, which are inspired by life itself.

The Young Victoria, 2008

A year before joining the throne, 17-year-old Victoria meets the nephew of the King of Belgium, Albert. Despite the firm conviction that the monarch sent his protege to the bride to her only on the assumption that in the future this would help him consolidate his political position, the girl falls in love with a young man at first sight. Love turned out to be sincere and mutual, so in 1840 they got married and were happily married for over 20 years, until the moment when Albert died of an illness. This beautiful film tells about the beginning of the relationship of these people and some of the problems that they had to face.

Manolete (2008)

This love story occurred in reality in the 40s of the twentieth century. Manuel Laureano Rodriguez Sanchez is the most popular and sought-after matador, with thousands of enthusiastic spectators coming to the battles. When he meets and falls in love with the scandalous actress Sino Lupe, his reputation is spoiled. Rumors begin to circulate around her that the girl suppresses Manolet’s talent, although in reality she only cares about him because she realizes that sooner or later this activity can destroy him. The Toreador has to face a serious choice between a quiet life with a beloved and commitment to his work.

Happy Cause (It Could Happen to You), 1994

Charlie Lang’s wife is a rather mercantile person who always thinks and talks only about money. The policeman had so few of them that one day he even had nothing to leave as a tip for a nice waitress. But in the pocket was a lottery ticket bought earlier, and Charlie without hesitation promises the girl to give half in case of winning. By the will of incredible luck, the ticket really turns out to be a prize and $ 4 million are dumped on the head of the policeman. Here we have to note that the romance between the main characters of the story is an exaggeration to please the plot, but the promise of half the winnings is true.

Love-Disease (The Big Sick), 2017

This film was made by the lovers themselves, who were inspired by the history of their relationship and decided to create a good tape about the obstacles that sometimes have to be overcome on the way to happiness. At one of his performances, stand-up comedian Kumale Nanjiani falls in love with young American Emily Gordon. Everything would be fine, but a man from a Pakistani patriarchal family who really wants to find a good Muslim girl for him and does not consider any other options. The American family is also at a loss, and they have to look for an approach. Nevertheless, despite all the vicissitudes, the love affair is developing and gaining momentum.

Immortal Beloved (Immortal Beloved), 1994

Beethoven died, and his executor faced an atypical problem: the composer bequeathed his fortune to some “immortal lover.” Secretary Shindler has to take up the investigation to find out who became the heir – so we get acquainted with the most vivid love stories of a great genius and those whom he considered to be his inspirations. The tape can be viewed as an attempt to tell about the personal conflicts of Beethoven and his true beloved muse.

The New World (2005)

This historical drama, shot from the books of Captain John Smith, tells about the conquest of the first Indians on the East Coast. The main characters of the film are the Indian princess Pocahontas and the ambitious John Smith, whose fates undergo dramatic changes when they fall madly in love with each other. The girl had to choose a lover and give preference to a quiet family happiness. But soon, John again goes in search of new lands, and the life of the princess is once again turned upside down.

Mind Games (A Beautiful Mind), 2001

The biographical drama tells about the life of John Forbes Nash, a mathematical genius and a Nobel Prize winner in economics. Having done a titanic work in the field of games, once a scientist is faced with a terrible disease: paranoid schizophrenia, accompanied by hallucinations. She is progressing and jeopardizing his work and relationships. His wife Alicia is stricken with grief, but she loves her husband too much to give up, so she starts fighting with him.

Cleopatra, 1963

This film received 4 Oscars, and it is called almost the most costly and stunningly beautiful ribbon about love. She talks about the famous Egyptian queen, the beautiful Cleopatra, who is ready for almost everything in order to preserve the greatness of her people. But the main leitmotif of the story – it is still the love between Cleopatra and the brave commander Mark Antony. Involuntarily, they put their passion above public affairs, as well as honor and duty, which ultimately leads to unpredictable consequences.

50 First Dates (50 First Dates), 2004

Heartbreaker Henry Roth falls in love with charming blonde Lucy Whitmore. But it turned out that the girl suffers from a rare form of amnesia, because of which every morning she forgets what happened yesterday. The guy does not give up and every day gets to know her again and gains her trust. There is no exact evidence, but there is a version that the film was inspired by the story of an American Michelle Philpots, for whom time stopped after a series of accidents in 1994. The only difference is that she met her husband before the defeat of amnesia, so he does not have to re-conquer her love, but you need to constantly remind you that they are spouses and talk about the main events of their life using the system of notes.

Bright Star, 2009

This film tells about the life of the poet of the younger generation of English romantics John Keats. His fate was not easy, even in 15 years he lost his parents, which, accordingly, left an imprint on the quality of his life. At some point, cramped money circumstances made Keats a painful and weak man. The film tells about the last 3 years of the poet’s life, when he already understood that he was gradually fading away, but suddenly he had a romantic relationship with a girl named Fanny Brown.

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